Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 11, 2009

It's Saturday afternoon. The display tablecloth is done and looks beautiful. The orange VDL bowling team shirts are done and look great.

We had 19 shirts, some t-shirts and some woven. The color scheme, bright orange with black embroidery, was chosen by the team. Since the bowling team consists of deaf/blind, elderly individuals, they felt the colors would allow them to see the shirts. The embroidery allows them to see through touch. We did the embroidery large and dense to assist the members in seeing and feeling the designs. My only concern is when washed, they may curl a bit. This is another benefit of embroidery -- the blind can see it.

We had a time finding orange in both t-shirts and woven. Although the catalog photographs of the colors of each appeared to me to be identical colors, as you can see, once received, they are a bit off. However, there is no mistaking that they are all orange.
This project was definitely a labor of love for me.

Now to determine the lagniappes for each of these projects. At Cajun Stitchery, every order receives a lagniappe.

Next project is the patches. The particular patches that we are doing are for a group of wonderful women on Pensacola Beach. We are called "Sisters of the Beach", the SOB's. The design has already been done and I've made a few patches but I'm not satisfied with the outcome. After consulting with a friend of mine in the industry, I've decided to change the wash away stabilizer to Aqua Magic. The design is a simple applique with the stabilizer as the bottom fabric. The trick is to trim the patch fabric so that it's not too close and thus frays on the inside of the patch; and, not to far where the satin stitch doesn't completely cover the fabric. So, I'm off on another project.

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