Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 18, 2009

Yesterday we were working on a possum patch. We just could not get the satin stitch outline to work right. I edited and edited and it wasn't working. Well, I need to learn digitizing anyway, so I digitized a nice thick, satin stitch outline, put the whole thing together and was ready to stitchout when, OMG, we noticed that I misspelled Possum. Actually, the patch read Possum's Rule. The apostrophe shouldn't be there. What was I thinking. To make matters worse, I had the wording on a curved angle to match the possum's back -- not easy to do. And I cannot figure out how to move the last "s" over. I can take out the apostrophe without a problem but not sure if I can move that "s". I've been working on it for a day now. It's the little things that drive me nuts. lol

This afternoon we attended the memorial service, or rather, celebration of life for our friend, Chuck L'oingon a/k/a Chuck Le Bum, at the Elk's Lodge on the beach. I think Chuck would have been please to see so many friends. The place was packed. Chuck was such a fun loving and lovable guy. He will truly be missed by many.

George and I are continuing our efforts to try to quit smoking. This is not easy. Back in mid-March we decided that we needed to quit, if for no other reason that the price is skyrocketing. Almost immediately we cut down to half a pack a day -- that's cutting our smoking habit in half. Since then we can't seem to get past half a pack a day. And cigarettes now cost about the same for 2 packs as it did back in March for a whole carton. We want to quit so bad. We are addicted to cigarettes. I have no doubt that we will quit eventually, but this is not easy. To make matters worse, just cutting the habit in half and I'm packing away the pounds. That does not make me happy at all. Oh, where is the cute, little tiny body I used to have? Buried someplace inside the large, flabby body that I now have. lol At least I'm jolly.

Ah, back to the possum.

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