Friday, July 3, 2009

July 3, 2009

Cajun Stitchery is a home based embroidery company. We do embroidery on ready made items that we can purchase for you. Some of the items might be t-shirts, polo shirts, ball caps, aprons, napkins, tote bags, beach bags, towels, etc.

You have a graphic artist onboard. If you have an idea of your own special design but need an artist to take your design from an idea into art that you can see, our talented graphic artist can do this.

You have a digitizer at your disposal. Our digitizer takes the artwork from either you or the graphic artist and turns it into embroidery stitches in a computer file readable by the embroidery machine.

Then you have the embroiderer. Our embroiderer takes the embroidery computer file from the computer to our commercial embroidery machine and onto whatever ready made product you have requested.

Voila! Your ideas and dreams can become a beautiful, embroidered item.

What about your child's drawings? Yes. This type of art can be digitized.

Logo? Of course, that can be digitized and embroidered.

That drawing that you hid in the closet. You know, the one that you drew and loved but just stashed away. Your art can be embroidered onto a table runner or an assortment of items of your choice.

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