Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6, 2009

It's Monday morning after the big weekend. Kind of hard to get going today.

We are working on a project for my favorite aunt's bowling team. My Aunt Philo is 90 years old. She's been deaf since she was 9 years old and now has macular degeneration. Yes, she and her friends bowl. Personally, I think that shows a lot of character. The team has ordered bowling shirts from Cajun Stitchery. So, what designs do you put on a bowling shirt for the deaf/blind? They specifically asked for bright orange shirts with black stitching. Since they can see in shadows, the orange is bright enough and the black dark enough for them to make out their shirts. And the fact that the shirts are embroidered, rather than screen printed, allows them to see the shirts and designs by touch. How amazing is that!!! The design on the back is a simple Dakota Design of a bowling ball and 3 pins, a very basic design so that they can feel the bowling ball and pins. On the front, left chest area will be their first name over VDL (Village du Lac). Their name will be in a semi-circle over VDL in a straight line. Since they are in Louisiana and I'm in Florida, they have promised to send me a picture of the team in their new shirts once this project has been completed and delivered. I will certainly post that picture on this blog.

I have put off doing my quarterly sales tax report long enough and must get that done today.

This isn't a very good picture but while learning to multihoop, we did this tablecloth with the little heirloom design around the edge. It really is pretty. Of course, this one was a practice project. It's not easy unhooping a design and then re-hooping and aligning these designs up to the exact stitch -- but we are learning -- and the tablecloth turned out pretty nice. The Larkspur photo at the top of this page is our first attempt at multihooping -- not bad.

Catch ya later.

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