Monday, August 10, 2009

August 10, 2009

August must be one of the busiest months of the year. Each weekend so far has been packed with activities.

Friday at Aunt Lillian's was a blast. We went on my uncle's boat, 42 foot boat with 4 levels, 2 bedrooms and a bath and a half. There were 13 of us and plenty of room. Wow! We cruised around the waters in Destin, FL and out into the Gulf of Mexico. The day was absolutely beautiful. There were lots of jellyfish in the water but we were also entertained by a family of dolphin. It was good relaxing with family.

As soon as we returned to terra firma, George and I had to leave because the neighborhood was having a cookout and we were in charge of bringing the meat. Another wonderful time was had by all. One of our neighbor's sons, his girlfriend and another friend were here from Pennsylvania. It was a delightful evening of dinning and laughter.

Saturday the Pennsylvania visitors headed north and we cleaned house, bathed dogs, and cleaned the yard. Oh, the garden is lovely. We have baby watermelons growing alongside of the peanuts.

Sunday we had company. Our friends from Mobile visited. Since they are master gardeners, they were answering all sorts of questions about the yard and gardens. I had re-covered her cushions and made some valances for her. She was so pleased, which in turn pleased me. She left material for more valances. Since this was her first visit to our home, she wanted and got the grand tour -- all 1400 sq feet of it. She fell in love with my curtains. Had I known she would like them so much, I would have washed them. Anyway, she is now thinking about having me make her roman shades for her house.

Insofar as roman shades are concerned, I am pretty much over the mini-blinds. They collect dust, especially if you have as many animals in your house as I do. And, they are hard to clean. I usually end up tearing something when I try to clean the mini-blinds. So, I opted for the roman shades. I still have mini-blinds on one window and I need to put curtains up there. The nice thing is that you can take them down and throw them in the wash -- wish I had done that before company saw how dusty they were. Of course, the roman shades would be constructed of fabric and color that matches the room. Throw in a few pillows in the same fabric and voila, you have a room that looks like an interior decorator had a hand in decorating. My roman shades have been up since before my embroidery machine entered my home. I bet they would be beautiful with some embroidery splashed here and there. Hummm. I need to think about this.

Here I am, Monday morning. Great weekend and looking forward to a great week in the embroidery business.

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