Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17, 2009

Can you believe that August is already half over?

Friday, August 14, 2009, was our 39th wedding anniversary and our wonderful neighbors cooked dinner, had presents, Possum Festival slideshow, and terrific conversation. A wonderful time was had by all. And all of the neighborhood group were able to attend. Thank you so much each and every one of you.

Saturday was Pensacola's 450th birthday. The town has been a buz all year awaiting that day. George and I went to the festivities downtown and watched the Florida A&M University marching band. If you have never seen them; you have missed a great show. We walked around town. It has been awhile since either of us has been downtown Pensacola and it was fun to see what new stores are there. Pensacola is a beautiful town. We met friends on the streets downtown and all in all had a wonderful time.

Sunday we just hung around the house and piddled.

I've been working on the placemats for the Arts & Wine Festival in October. The first two sets were previously displayed on this blog. There are several more sets now. They are embroidered but I haven't had a chance to sew them together. That's my goal for this week. A friend of mine suggested that rather than placing the embroidery in the middle of the placemat, I should place the embroidery on the corners or to one side. I took her advice and they are looking good.

We need to purchase some paper bags for customers at the festival. I really want something eco-friendly but at the same time, cost effective. I was surfing the web looking for the best deal for wholesale, recycled bags when I came across some of the cutest little bags for favors. They are about 3"x4". The little rectangular organza bags have been around for awhile but what I saw knocked my socks off. Some of the styles were a Victorian shoe, bustier, bridesmaid dresses, bridal gown and groom's tux, baby dress, and other styles. Some of the little bags opened at the top but the rest opened at the bottom. The bridesmaid dresses were constructed from satin and to get to the bag, you turn the dress upside down and voila, there's the organza bag under the skirt of the dress, like a crinoline. I looked at every picture I could find on that site to figure out how these bags were constructed. Sounds like an experiment in the making. I can't wait to see if I can make these. One thing at a time. I'm working on placemats now.

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