Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4, 2009

The Possum Festival was a lot of fun but very hot and humid. We will return next year and be in the parade. Wausau was a lovely slice of small town USA. Absolutely charming. The people were very friendly. We all wore out Possums Rule patches. Some of the group tasted the cooked possum but I had to pass that one up. Yuk! We also went to the Marianna caverns and had a wonderful time. That park is beautiful.

I made a terrible mistake and forgot to photograph the latest napkins. I made them for a friend and delivered them to her last night. Totally forgot to take pictures. They turned out so nice.

Today I've been preparing to re-cover some cushions for a friend. This part of sewing is not part of Cajun Stitchery. I do it for friends and she begged me. Hopefully, I'll finish that tomorrow.

We did a full maintenance on the commercial machine. It was acting funny but we have fixed it. Man, it's scary taking some of those parts off, but it must be done. You have to know your machine inside and out.
My neighbor was at Wal-Mart the other day and picked up a pretty, large tote for me. It was on sale for $2.10. It's black and white striped. She bought it because she thought I could embroider a big red rose in the middle of the front, which I may, indeed, do. One of the really cool things about embroidery is that you can find something like this tote on sale and turn it into a really beautiful and expensive looking item, just by adding some embroidery and embellishments.
I was going through some of our stock designs today looking for appropriate Christmas and seashore type designs for the placemats. We have some beautiful designs that I am eager to stitch out. George, of course, is still making the patches.

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