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August 7, 2009

Cajun Corner – Vol. 1, No. 11 – AUGUST 7, 2009

Bon Jour! Welcome to Cajun Stitchery’s weekly email and welcome to our family.


Our weekend extravaganza to small town Florida began at the hotel. George and I were the first to arrive. When the others arrived, they told us to stay in our room and they were going to drop off their luggage, change their clothes and meet us in our room for a glass of wine. We never suspected that they would all enter our room with a chilled bottle of champagne and a sweet Happy Anniversary card to both of us. The champagne didn’t last through the night, as you can imagine.
The Possum Festival was a real slice of Americana. We had a great time. Wausau, FL is only a few blocks on Highway 77 between Chipley and Panama City. It’s a very tiny town but their hearts are big enough to welcome the world. The people were so friendly and full of fun. It had rained before the parade and was hot and humid but the parade went on without a glitch. Then we walked to the Possum Palace which is a large covered building with no walls on 3 sides. Instead of walls, there were bleachers. It was sort of like an arena or rodeo area. A young lady sang Christian songs on the stage and off to the side they sold Possum Festival t-shirts and had cooked possum for those adventurous souls. Our neighbor, Pat, took a bite of the possum and said it was very greasy. His wife put a bite in her mouth and spit it out. Our other neighbor, Patrice, walked out of line and passed up the possum. George and I avoided the whole thing and went to the t-shirt area. I wish it had not been so hot and humid because I would have like to peruse the arts and crafts more. There were some nice things there. And for those of you who are curious, yes, they did have possum hats, reminiscent of a raccoon hat.

The next part of our weekend was the Marianna Caverns. Marianna has a population of 6,000 and was a lovely antebellum sort of town. The Marianna Caverns State Park was absolutely beautiful. We did not go on the tour of the caverns because the tickets sold out right before we got there. We were able to go hiking through some of the paths. Nature is beautiful. The flora was unique and interesting. The forest is one of the few remaining hard wood forests left in Florida. We also enjoyed the museum which had a video of the tour in the caverns. It was getting to be late afternoon and we all wanted to get home before dark. There was so much more to the park, like swimming, camping, boating and more hiking. We all vowed to return.

Monday evening I met some friends at Perdido, FL. One of the ladies has a condo on the Gulf of Mexico with an absolutely stunning view. While there another friend asked me to recover the cushions to one of her chairs and make a pair of valances. These projects have been completed and turned out nice. She will pick them up when she’s in the area.

My Aunt Lillian’s birthday is tomorrow and we are supposed to meet at her home and take a ride on my uncle’s boat into the Gulf of Mexico around the Destin area. While on the boat we will be scattering the ashes of my cousin, Bob, who passed away earlier this year. After lunch on the boat, we will return to Aunt Lillian’s home and celebrate her birthday with cake and presents. I embroidered a set of white napkins with her name in blue and a design in red.

George is still working on the patches.

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Boudreaux once had a job as a taxicab driver in Baton Rouge.
One day, he picked up a Texan on his way to the airport. When they passed by the LSU football stadium, the Texan said "What's that?"
Boudreaux said, "Dat's Tiger Stadium."
The Texan said, "How long did it take y'all to build it?"
Boudreaux said, "Mais, about five years."
The Texan said, "Oh, we've got a bigger one in Austin that only took one year."
As they passed the state capitol, the Texan asked again, "What's that building?"
Boudreaux said, "Dat's the state capitol".
"And how long did it take y'all to build that?"
Boudreaux said, "About three years."
The Texan said, "We've got one in Austin that only took six months."
Boudreaux had just about enough of this, you know. Then they drove past the Mississippi River Bridge.
The Texan said, "How long did it take y'all to build that bridge?"
Boudreaux said, "I don't know. It wasn't there this morning."


A reader requested that we include pronunciations in our weekly French phrase.
French phrase of the week: amarrer (v.t.) [AH MAH REH, An MAH REH] 1. to tie up. 2. to attach. 3. to settle the terms (of a race or game, usually in a race between two horses, but it may also be between people) amarrer ses souliers to tie one's shoelaces. (SF attacher)

If you have known me very long, you know that I am an avid environmentalist. In that vein, I would like to include tips to Reduce-Reuse-Recycle each week. We tend to focus on “recycle”. We need to focus on “reduce” and “reuse” as well. I highly suggest that you watch the interesting video at for a look at how we got into this environmental mess. Let’s begin by simplifying.

Simplify: Simplify your life as much as possible. Only keep belongings that you use/enjoy on a regular basis. By making the effort to reduce what you own, you will naturally purchase less/create less waste in the future. For information on voluntary simplicity, check out Voluntary Simplicity Websites. Learn more through books on voluntary simplicity . The Compact blog (and Yahoo group accessed from blog) supports individuals committed to not buying products for a year.

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