Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cooler Beach Bags and other projects

We are still working on patches and placemats for the upcoming Arts & Wine Festival.  I had asked some of the girls, awhile back, what kind of designs I should put on the placemats.  Unanimously, they said beachy type Christmas designs.  I know.  I've seen them, too.  But in going through our designs, I only found a handful of beachy type Christmas designs.  We have hundreds of beachy type designs and hundreds of Christmas designs but...  So, I decided to create my own design.  I took several small designs of fish, shells, seahorses, and other sea type designs and formed them into the word "Christmas."  George likes it and I think it turned out nice, too.  What do you think?  Post a comment and let me know.

Another thing that has become popular is the cooler beach bags.  I saw the cooler beach bags in a vendor's catalog this past Spring and thought it was one of the best ideas around.  It's a beach bag that slings over your shoulder.  The back side is constructed with a netting material and the front is a canvas/poly fabric, with a zippered pocket.  The bottom of the beach bag unzips to reveal a cooler that can hold a six pack.  They were available in red, blue, black, yellow, and a few bi-colors like red and white, and yellow and white.  I purchased a blue one, embroidered a beach scene on the front and have used it frequently this summer.  If we go to Bands on the Beach or other similar outings, I'm usually carrying my purse and several other bags.  Using this cooler beach bag eliminates so many different bags to carry.  In fact, I leave some of those cold packs or gel packs in the freezer and toss one into the cooler part of the bag with a six pack of drinks and we are good to go. 

People who saw me using the cooler beach bag were constantly asking about it, especially my girlfriends.  I sold several of them for graduation gifts.  Then I placed an order one day in the spring and found out that all they had were the red and black ones.  The blue was the most popular.  The vendor told me to check back in August and they may have some more blue bags.  I've checked.  They don't.  Since I couldn't get the blue bags, the orders dwindled, until this month everyone seems to want them again. 

I just finished embroidering a kayak design in yellow on a red cooler beach bag.  I have another order for a black one, which should arrive Tuesday.  The black one is a gift for a friend's husband and the design will be a cute golfing design.  The price has gone up for the coolers and we are now offering them for $25 (plus shipping/handling/tax, if applicable) for the cooler and embroidered stock design.  Email me if you want to purchase one (

I'm puzzled that when I search on the internet for Cajun Stitchery, I cannot find it.  I can put the address in for both of the websites ( and and get to the site, I just can't seem to get a search to find them.  So, I continue playing with help pages and find more and more widgets (I think that's what they are called) to include on this page.  Now you can click on the little icon and supposedly save this site to your favorites (which you should, of course, do) and you can scroll down and see other blogs that I read and like.  You can become my friend (another of course you should do that) and leave comments.  There are so many little widgets out there.
That's it for today.  Check back soon for more projects and discourse.

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