Monday, August 31, 2009

A Quest For The Perfect Hand Fan

I've been looking at so many cute projects lately and wondering what would be something really useful for my friends, but yet, something that could be embroidered.  The answer is a hand fan.  Most of us are now at the age where instead of talking about the cute boy we saw today, we are comparing who had the hottest hot flash and what did our doctor's prescribe.  A quest for a hand fan tutorial ensued.
[These are photographs of some scarves that I made during my "Scarf Period". lol  Those scarves were so much fun to make and I think they turned out nice.  Some were way over on the artsy side.  The scarf period was prior to Doris, the Singer embroidery machine.]

You can fold paper like an accordian to make a fan.  You can cut a piece of construction paper and glue a stick to the back and make a fan.  Heck, for $1.99 plus shipping, you can get a plastic fan.  Elizabethian feather fan tutorials are on the internet -- very intriguing.  It seems as though every country and every historical period has it's own style of fan.  Nothing seemed to be exactly what I wanted.

I did find an oriental fan at Embroidery Library.  That was probably the closest to what I want.  It was made with popsicle sticks and embroidered fabric on the outside.  Still, not exactly.

My friend, Kathi, has a fan that folds tiny to put in her purse and, when needed, it pops open like one of those tents that you throw on the ground and it pops into a tent.  No muss, no fuss.  The fan part is fabric.

I wish I could write a fantastic tutorial on how to make this practical, yet simply beautiful fan, but, alas, I haven't figured it out yet.  If anyone has ideas, please let me know -- write a comment on this blog.  Eventually, the fantastic tutorial will appear.   In the meantime, I'm on a quest.

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