Monday, August 10, 2009

Tote, totes and more totes

I've been working on bags today. George is still making patches.

The first bag I made was started sometime ago when we were working on my aunt's bowling team's t-shirts. We messed up one of the t-shirts and I thought that I'd make a bag for Paulette. Paulette actually placed the order, got the sizes, colors, design, and collected the money. She did it all. It's only fair that Paulette gets something special for her efforts. I used some of our practice bowling designs, cut them out of the stabilizer. I then embroidered Paulette's name on the bottom of the t-shirt. The cut out designs were placed around the name and sewn on. To make a deeper bag, some nice black fabric was added at the bottom -- with sparkles. Just a bag to use when she goes bowling. She can put her shoes in there or whatever she likes.
The next bag was another practice run on the tree we used for the big display tablecloth. I love that tree. The practice run was on a piece of brown woven fabric large enough to make a bag. This is a pretty simple bag. When I finished it looked to me like a nice bag to carry a bottle of wine.

The last bag that I did today is a tote. You may recall the tiger that I stitched. That tiger has been sitting off by itself for several weeks because I couldn't make up my mind what to do with it. Today I decided the tiger was going to become a tote bag, and so it did. The flip side of the tote has pockets on the outside.

George just walked in with a movie. I'm off to the living room to watch a movie.

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