Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wine Coasters, Canopies, and Fans -- Oh My!

Today was such a busy day.  It seems as though I just live on the phone and computer.  But this is a good thing, because it generates business.

The patches and placemats are finished, unless we decide to do more placemats.  Now we are beginning the wine coasters.  I'm sure pictures will be posted on this blog before long.  I had made some wine coasters earlier this year but my girlfriends objected because even though they do fit the wine glasses that I have at home, they do not fit the larger based wine glasses -- at least not without a struggle.  So, we now have a new digitized version that I believe will fit the larger based wine glasses.  It was funny today because I digitized one wine glass coaster for 5.25" and once it was stitched out, it was huge.  The one that I think we will stick to is 4.25".  We should go into production within the next day or two.

We did purchase the canopy for $20 from Winn Dixie.  I have to laugh.  George decided that we better put the canopy up in the back yard and learn to put it up and take it down with ease before the event.  Good idea!  He put it up and it looked nice but felt kind of flimsy.  We left it up in the back yard and went about our business.  George had to go to Lowes and while there he called me.  I ran downstairs where I had left my cell phone and as I answered the phone, I looked out back and the canopy had flown onto the deck.  Phone in one hand and still talking to George, I ran outside to straighten out the canopy.  Finally, I just had to tell George that I couldn't talk with him because the canopy was flying around.  I manipulated the canopy back into the back yard, but the wind was still blowing and I found myself stuck, holding onto the upper side of the canopy.  I am only 5 foot tall and the canopy is much taller than I.  If you can imagine that I was outside, on my tiptoes, holding onto the canopy while the wind was blowing and the canopy kept wanting to fly away.  Then George arrived home.  We took the canopy apart and sat back and laughed.  Now we know why they included the stakes and cord with the canopy.  However, the canopy will be sitting on pavement at the Arts & Wine Festival.  Any ideas on how to stake the canopy to pavement?  We're thinking about staking to a bucket of sand or dirt.

Remember the blog on hand fans?  I haven't forgotten that and am still on my quest.  The solution may have presented itself.  Before I write about it, I need to make one.  If it works, we are in for a lot of fun with hand fans. 

While on email today, Yahoo changed to the new and improved version of email.  This happens occasionally.  This new and improved version has applications.  One of the applications is PayPal.  The application says that you not only can send money via email/PayPal but can receive money.  My nemises has been trying to get my web page up and running so that I can put the PayPal links with items that I'm selling.  Obviously, that hasn't happened yet.  Now I can sell via email and get paid via PayPal.  Woohoo!  If you are interested in purchasing anything from Cajun Stitchery, please email me at and we can take care of everything from start to finish, including the payment.  Like everything else, there will be a learning curve.  So, be patient with me.

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