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Cajun Corner - Vol 1, No 26

Cajun Corner – Vol. 1, No. 26 – NOVEMBER 20, 2009

Bon Jour! Welcome to Cajun Stitchery’s weekly email and welcome to our family.


Ron Magee’s shirts are all done with the exception of one. It was the first one. We started sewing and toward the end of the logo the letters weren’t very crisp. Darn, the back of the shirt had gotten caught up under the hoop and we embroidered the back to the front for several stitches. We thought we might be able to undo those stitches, which we did, but once undone the letters are out and you cannot match the stitches perfectly in the machine. So, we ordered another shirt, which I’m waiting on now. It should arrive today and the order will be filled. Lesson learned. Even when you just know nothing is caught, keep checking. This is one of the reasons that embroiderers don’t particularly like embroidering on items provided by the customer. Had this been something that we didn’t order wholesale, there really would be no way of replacing it. Sure, you may be able to go to the store and buy another one, but we certainly wouldn’t be making money on the sale. We can’t afford to give away work and stuff simply happens. That’s why we make sure the waiver is signed when we do work on items that we do not purchase wholesale.

Now we are working on the logo for the Krewe of Junkanoo. Can you believe it’s almost Mardi Gras season. Our parade this year (always the Sunday before Mardi Gras) will be on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010. I’m especially pleased about the Krewe of Junkanoo logo because I digitized it myself. Actually, I have digitized it twice. The first time was 8” x 8”. It turned out that their logo (on the back of their jackets) is actually 10” x 10”. Remember, you can usually make a design smaller without losing the details, but the reverse doesn’t work. George is stitching out the new 10” x 10” logo as I type this. If all is well, we can begin working on the jackets.

My sweet dance instructor, Monette, gave me a bag with jackets to embroider. I embroidered her jackets last Christmas before there was a Cajun Stitchery, on Doris. This year we will do them on Boudreaux. We will have to get Boudreaux used to metallic thread.

With Mardi Gras around the corner, I began looking at my various costumes. Our krewe, the Mystic Krewe of Nereids has a tuxedo costume that we all wear on various occasions. Last year I purchased a new tuxedo jacket and never attached the sequins and bling. So, when I was looking last night, I realized that I need this jacket finished and soon. I was up until 4:00 this morning taking sequins and patches off the old jacket. I want to put some embroidery on my jacket this year. I’m busy trying to design it in my head.

My most memorable Mardi Gras when I was a little girl in Lafayette was the last year we lived there. Mama dressed us as a band of gypsies. Yes, we were an adorable looking little family. I remember going to friend’s homes and eating gumbo, crawfish, gratons (cracklin), boudin, and an unending list of Cajun delicacies. The parade was downtown Lafayette. The streets were closed off. We caught beads and candy, and I remember one float was handing out hot dogs. After the parade there were bands in the streets and everyone was dancing and having a wonderful time. We ended up at the VFW. It was a delightful day.

Don’t forget the GIFT CERTIFICATES. They make a great stocking stuffer. They are so simple. Just fill out the information and put them in an envelope – instant gift. Especially nice for gifts that you would normally mail or ship, since you only need a stamp and can give a nice gift without the high shipping costs. The gift certificates are in any denomination that you like, for any occasion. No hidden charges, just the amount you want on the certificate and sales tax, if you live in Florida.

Always remember that we are just a call or email away at or 850-261-2462 and place your order.


One morning Thibodeaux was sitting under the tree in his front yard patching holes in his shrimp net. His neighbor, Boudreaux, came out his front door, waved to Thibodeaux, and walked to his mail box. He looked in the box, scratched his head a minute, and went back inside.

Half hour later Thibodeaux was still patching when Boudreaux checked his mail box, again. This time he slammed the box shut and walked back inside mumbling.

Another half hour passed. Thibodeaux was still patching. Boudreaux stomped to his mail box, yanked it open, looked in, and slammed it shut. He took a deep breath and started back to the house.

“Boudreaux, what’s wrong?” Thibodeaux yelled.

“Dat computer my boy give me has lost it’s mind,” Boudreaux replied, walked into the shade.

“You got a computer? I didn’t know dat,” Thibodeaux said.

“Yeah, Pierre give it to me yesterday – all hooked up to dat Inner Net,” Boudreaux replied.

“Pierre. Dat’s a good boy you got. What’s he doin’ now?” Thibodeaux asked.

“He’s workin’ over in N’Awlins, got a good job,” Boudreaux answered.

“So what’s wrong with de computer?” Thibodeaux asked.

“It just plain lost it’s mind,” Boudreaux replied. “You saw me. Tree times I looked in dat box. ere ain’t nothin’ dere. But dat computer keeps sayin’ ‘YOU’VE GOT MAIL’.”


French phrase of the week: neuf (adj numér.) nine.

neuf (adj.) new; brand new. quoi de neuf? what's new?


This week’s tips come from:
• Step 1: Make the turkey eco-friendly.

Don't panic. This step isn't about replacing your turkey with a Tofurkey though that is certainly an option. This is about choosing a turkey that is as eco-friendly as possible. Some tips:

1. Buy from a local source.

2. Make sure it's organic and had been grass fed.

3. Also make sure it wasn't fed antibiotics or given hormones.

4. On top of that, make sure it was raised on a humane facility.

• Step 2: Reduce waste.

How much waste gets produced during the Thanksgiving festivities? It can really add up. Here are some ideas on how to reduce the trash produced while preparing the meal and when you have guests over.

1. Use reusable shopping bags when buying supplies for the feast.

2. Don't use a disposable aluminum pan - buy a nice roasting pan instead.

3. Recycle all bottles and plastic items that are eligible.

4. Be sure to serve the meal using reusable plates, knives, forks, etc. Disposal plastic and paper is not good for the environment.

5. Start a compost bin and put all eligible food scraps in it instead of throwing them away.

• Step 3: Reduce your carbon footprint.

Between traveling to your Thanksgiving dinner, cooking the dinner if you're having it at your house, and the fact that all your guests needed to travel to get to your location, Thanksgiving can have a substantial carbon footprint. Reduce yours by taking these suggestions.

1. Planting a tree puts more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which will reduce the carbon load.

2. has "free clicks to donate" and one of them is about reducing your carbon footprint. Make it a point to click each day at no cost to you (the sponsors donate).

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