Monday, November 30, 2009

Gardens, Dogs and Christmas

We really didn't go much this weekend besides the neighborhood and local stores. 

I did get some much needed time in my garden though.  That is like a natural tranquilizer.  The cherry tomatoes and peppers are still growing.  Who would have thought that we'd be harvesting fresh tomatoes and peppers after Thanksgiving?  I am not complaining.  On the south side of our house we have a single yellow gerbera daisy.  It looks so lonely over there but I'm glad we have that beautiful flower.  Sassy the Satsuma is looking really pretty.  George pruned the grapes.  Hope we get lots of grapes in the Spring.  The cold weather vegetables are still seedlings but they are growing.  Can't wait for the romaine lettuce, carrots, onions, spinach, cabbage, and brocolli.  The swiss chard and ornamental peppers are still beautiful.  In fact, we picked some and I "tried" to saute the chard.  We like the taste but I didn't cook it very well -- too oily.

A friend of mine asked me several months ago if I would make his dog a Christmas outfit.  At first we thought of a tutu, but she already has one.  This weekend we went shopping and got patterns, fabric and notions for three doggy Christmas outfits.  My instructions are to make the outfits as bright and festive as possible.  The first one was done last night.  Hopefully the fitting will be today, so we can apply the final touches.  I cannot wait to publish these photographs.  The pattern is very simple.  In fact, simple enough that I would make this outfit for sale.  If anyone is interested, just let me know.  I'll post the photographs later when I get them.

We've been working on a few little things trying to finish up some jobs and get them out the doors.  One is the little personalized denim purses.  They are so cute.

The wine aprons have been pretty much perfected.  I love the font that we're using for Christmas.

We did a test on a Notre Dame garter with some simple green plaid.  This, too, is a very doable project.

Of course, napkins remain the top seller item this Christmas.  Here are some that we've done recently.  I love the one for Katie with the personalized gift bag.

A friend who is an LSU fan found a cute football vest in the LSU colors but the back had a football embroidered saying "Minnesota".  We created a football patch with "LSU" and sewed it over the Minnesota football.  It turned out pretty nice.  I think she'll be pleased.

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