Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Love Puppets

Have I mentioned before that I absolutely love puppets.  I don't know what it is about a puppet that enchants me so much.  This past weekend when shopping for a birthday present, I bought a hand puppet.  The birthday girl is a grown lady but she got a hand puppet anyway.  They aren't hard to make, either.  My boys and I played for hours and hours with hand puppets when they were young.  Every once in awhile, George will still see me picking up the hand puppets and playing.  I made a cute hand puppet with the face embroidered last year on the Singer.

This is a photograph of the embroidered items for the birthday girl.

This week we've been doing a job for a local process serving company.   The shirts turned out well.  I never tried this brand before but I really like it.  The men's shirts are Munsingwear and very nice.  I sure hope they hold up well with time.

Christmas and Mardi Gras are beginning to collide in my world.  We are embroidering all kinds of Christmas gifts for people, putting baskets together, and so forth.  Napkins are a big thing this year, some with placemats.  Nice gift.  I have an order in now to restock the napkins.  They are a nice quality napkin, 20"x20", restaurant quality, with a hemmed edge rather than a serged/merrowed edge.  My personal napkins, which I made, are a simple cotton broadcloth with serged edges.  There is just something really nice and clean about a hemmed edge. 

My dance instructor gave me a bag full of jackets last week to embroider.  I did this on my Singer last year for her.  I'm looking forward to trying out Boudreaux on the jacket back this year.  They are all done in metallic thread -- oh my goodness.  Boudreaux is getting a work out this year.

The little blue jean skirt purse that is so cute and I showed a few posts ago, turned out to be in all of the stores around here.  I've only seen a few of them in the blue denim and I must admit that they aren't as cute out of other fabric.

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