Monday, November 9, 2009

Toppings and Blue Jeans

I did it again.  I let some of my work out of the door with the customer without taking a photograph.  However, I did take photographs of some of my other work that I did last week.  Let me describe the project that I do not have a photograph.  Two white hand towels that I stitched about 1 1/2" wide animal print fabric and then embroidered the person's initial in the center above the animal print fabric.  They turned out gorgeous.  I'm now thinking about making some for myself.  Another project almost left at the same time but we had a defect.  The design used, among other colors, a bright yellow.  The project was on a beach towel and I used the usual topping of Aqua Magic that I use on all terrycloth fabric.  The Aqua Magic and other solvy type toppings are basically sheets of starch.  You put them on top of the fabric so that the embroidery doesn't sink into the fabric and distort the appearance.  This topping is used on any fabric with a high pile, such as velvet.  Anyway, I washed the Aqua Magic off and when it dried I could see that some of the yellow had bled onto the towel.  Very embarrassing.  I purchased one of those "Stain B Gone" pens and I'm working on cleaning it up, per the customer's request.  It so unusual because I'm about half way through this particular spool of yellow thread.  The spool is large and I've used it on other items that have not bled.  It may be that it just showed up on the white towel.  I did email the manufacturer about this.  I purchase my thread direct from the mill and their other colors do not bleed.  Very perplexing.  Anyway, I will gladly refund the customer's money, if she likes on this project.

Our saleslady came in today with the cutest little purse.  We are going to try to find more of these adorable purses.  Let me know if you like them.  They are blue denim and look like a blue jean skirt, with a shoulder strap and a zipper at the top.  It's small.  I would think for a little girl.  The pockets are actually little pockets and not just for show.  We are going to embroider her granddaughter's name on this one.

Of course, out little Manx cat with the bad eye, Polly, wanted her photograph taken.

The gift certificates are here.  This is a great Christmas present.

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