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Cajun Corner Vol 1, No. 29

Cajun Corner – Vol. 1, No. 29 – DECEMBER 11, 2009
Bon Jour! Welcome to Cajun Stitchery’s weekly email and welcome to our family.
Metallic thread is so beautiful incorporated into embroidery. We can get metallic thread in most colors. The most popular, of course, is gold. It will cost you to have something embroidered with metallic thread because that thread is difficult to use, but it can be done. Metallic thread is made by covering a core thread with actual metal, albeit extremely thin metal, similar to gold leaf. The thread must be threaded through all of the holes and tensions on the machine until it finally reaches the needle. Your tension must be perfect. Too tight and the metal will scrape off of the core, bunching above the needle and the embroidery is nothing but the white core thread. Too loose and you get loops in the embroidery. Metallic thread, like any metal, reacts to friction. Going through all of the holes and tensions and hooks and hoops causes friction and the thread will break – a lot. Then there is the problem of the thread twisting and breaking. Not to mention the special needles you need to use. To combat the friction issue, the embroidery machine must be set at an extremely slow speed. That eliminates any chance of running the machine at 1200 stitches per minute and embroidering mass produced items. The end product, however, is absolutely gorgeous.

This week we finished some satin jackets for my dance teacher. We did them last year as well. They are totally done in silver and gold metallic thread. Last year the jackets were done on Doris, the Singer. This year, we did them on Boudreaux, the SWF commercial machine. This is one of those instances where the fact that Doris is so much slower than Boudreaux was a plus. Boudreaux’s slowest speed is faster than Doris’ fastest speed. When we first started the project, the metallic thread caught in a bird nest and literally tore a piece out of the machine’s trimmer. We had to purchase a new piece, wait for it to arrive and install it. Bummer. Lesson learned. These jackets definitely have bling.

Christmas orders are still coming in. Everyone seems to want the little personalized tote. We have a bunch of the totes in stock. The tote with a name or initials embroidered for $5.00 plus tax. Order them while we still have the totes. They make such a unique and personalized gift container.

The gift certificates are still available in the denomination of your choice – no tax. Great last minute gift, stocking stuffer, etc.

I met with my team members from the UWF Small Business Development Center yesterday. Wow! These people really know what they are doing. Sometimes I get so scattered and it’s nice to know that my peeps at UWF are there to set me on the straight and narrow again. I am so grateful for these people and this service.

Always remember that we are just a call or email away at or 850-261-2462 and place your order.


Boudreaux, Thibodaux & St. Pierre been on dis island for 5 long years. One day St. Pierre was walking along da beach when he found dis bottle. He brought it to da camp dey built and opened it. A genie popped out and said,"I grant 3 wishes and since there are 3 of ya'll, you each get 1 wish. Since you found me,St. Pierre,you get the first wish."St. Pierre said,"I am from Cut Off and I wanna go back home." So den he was back home.Thibodaux said,"I am from Galliano and I wanna go back home." So den Thibodaux was back home. Boudreaux,him, he had to think a while. He said,"You know sha, I am kinda lonley, I wish my 2 podnas were back here!"


French phrase of the week: quelqu'un (pron.) someone.

quelque chose (loc. nom.) something.

quelque parte (loc. adv.) somewhere.


Discover easy and green holiday gift ideas! *Newly added gift ideas for last minute shopping- some good last minute sales such as; 2 for 1 gift memberships, great gifts that support green causes are a click away! Many environmental organizations offer gift memberships that notify your recipient by email ecard, or adopt an endangered animal and print out the animal name and biography as an easy and thoughtful gift. Also newly added fun holiday e card gifts- like make yourself: elfyourself, myelephant emovie card!

**One year my youngest son gave George and me an adoption certificate for Christmas. He adopted a wolf for us for one year. We enjoyed this gift so much that we frequently still mention it. The wolf’s name was Dakota and lived on the Nes Perce Indian land in the northwest. There was a documentary called “Wolves At Our Door” about the circumstances of this wolf pack and, indeed, featured Dakota. As you can tell, this gift not only gave us something under the tree, but gave us fond memories that will last forever. That’s one great gift!

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