Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Festive December

We've been preparing for December since July.  Of course, since this is our first year in business, we have no idea what each day will bring.  We just do our best and guess a lot.  December is here and we are surely busy.  The little tote bags are such a hit for $5 each with names/initials embroidered on them.  How cute is that!  We've been doing a lot of embroidering on towels and wash clothes.  George is working on jackets for a dance class and I'm working on odds and ends of towels, totes, tee shirts.  Both machines are humming along.  Just think of us as Santa's Workshop in Warrington. lol

This past weekend I attended the annual SOB Brunch at Flounders on the beach.  Get your mind out of the gutter.  SOB stands for Sisters of the Beach.  This is a group of unbelievable women.  There is no actual membership and God only knows how many of us there are.  To be sure, it's over 100.  If you have to ask about membership, then you would never make it as an SOB.  We have our annual brunch on the first Sunday in December at Flounders every year.  Mark your calendar.  We dress in festive, Christmas colors and attire.  These girls clean up pretty good.  It is one endless glass of champagne.   Each year Shelley (of the Island Times) gets all of us together for a group photo.  This year Shelley was ill and DJ took the photo.  Can't wait for that one to come out.

My dear friend, Courtney, gave me the greatest gift at the SOB brunch.  She took my business card and had it enlarged to stand up on it's own.  Now why didn't I think of that?  Courtney said that our booth at the festival just didn't say "Cajun Stitchery".  I had planned on embroidering a table cloth with "Cajun Stitchery" on it but time ran out.  Hopefully, I'll get that done for next year.  Thank you so much Courtney for this wonderful gift.

I had to stop working on the little dog Christmas attire to get some of our other work orders completed.  I'll get back to the doggies shortly.

With all of my cats trying to get equal time in our photographs, I decided to take a picture of my black Labrador Retriever, Evie.  I need to brush Miss Stinky up and take a photo of her.  She's such a pretty little thing.  But alas she is 15 and beginning to show her age.

Monday night the neighborhood group went to Seville Quarter and were entertained with live Christmas jazz music.  We danced and talked and drank and had a wonderful time.

Last night was dance class for the Nereids.  We have a secret dance each year.  One of our members, Monette, is a dance instructor and choreographs each year's dance.  Monette is our youngest member and each year we tell her to go easy on us older ladies.  As the story goes, one year she choreographed a dance and at one point the girls went to their knees and then up again.  Monette was dancing in front of the group with her back to the group.  Everyone went down to their knees and Monette just kept dancing until someone got her attention to look behind her.  Indeed, the ladies made it down on their knees but were struggling to get back up.  Some of them fell, others were helping them up, they say it was hillarious.  So, that part of the dance had to be scratched.  Monette is now much easier on us and uses simple dance steps.  Each year our dance is TOP SECRET until parade day.

Friday the Krewe is going to Mobile for a combined Christmas Party and bead weekend.  Each year we spend the weekend with our friend, Marilyn, in Mobile.  She is a krewe member.  We shop all weekend for bead and stuff to throw at the parade.  This usually occurs in January.  This year our parade is actually on Valentine Day and we decided to combine our party and bead weekend because time is running out on us.  Some of the girls are going Friday morning and plan on fabric shopping.  I will be going Friday evening and shop for beads on Saturday.  Saturday night is our Christmas Party.  Sunday morning we have to leave early to make it back to Pensacola Beach for our annual Christmas Parade.  George will meet us at the beach, to join us for the parade -- he is King Nerius this year.  This weekend will be busy and so much fun. 

I regret that I will miss a neighborhood birthday party Saturday night.  I'm green with envy that the neighborhood group is getting together for a birthday party, camp fire, and singing Christmas carols.  The Celine Dion in my certainly would have been entertaining. 

Before I forget, my new saying is:  In stressful situations, take the advice of dogs.  If you can't eat it or play with it, simply pee on it and walk away.

C'est tout mes amis.

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