Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Puppy Party Pretties

Uh oh, we may be going into the puppy clothing arena.  A friend of mine has 3 little Yorkies and wanted me to make party attire for an upcoming Christmas party.  These are so adorable.  The only other time I made dog clothes was for my dog, Stinky, when she dressed up for Mardi Gras as a Merpup.  My directions were to make the outfits festive.  My friend and I went shopping for fabric and festive bling.  We ran across some of the prettiest colored fabric.  It reminds me of a rainbow. 

The smallest female, Gigi, is to wear a party gown.  We used a bride and groom pattern from Simplicity.  The pattern is for the extra small dog size.  Gigi's gown is lovely and I hope to have her first fitting today.  A blue cotton fabric was used in making this gown.  The fabric pattern resembles water.  The lace is a light blue, very soft lace.  We used a pearl trim, splashed tiny white and lavender roses, with 2 rhinestone buttons on the bodice center back.  Velcro dots are used for the closure in the chest area.

The male is Pogo.  Pogo is large for a miniature Yorkie.  Since the groom tuxedo pattern that will be used for his outfit is sized for an extra small dog, we are going to have to resize the pattern.  I've put this off as the last outfit, so that I can spent the time required on resizing the pattern.  As it turns out, Pogo's tuxedo has the most pattern pieces and is the most intricate.  The fabric to be used for Pogo's tuxedo is a cotton fabric with a dark blue background and splashes of tiny stars throughout. 

Kizzie, the other female, is wearing the rainbow fabric.  The pattern for this dog coat is so simple that we will be glad to make this coat and offer it for sale at Cajun Stitchery.  Inquiries for the dog coat should be sent to or call me at (850)261-2462.  This dog coat has a hood which has red satin bows and metallic pom poms surrounding the face opening.  At the peak of the hood is a multi-strand bow of satin ribbon with metallic pom poms at the end of each ribbon strand.  The back of the coat has the metallic pom poms on the center back on the belt.

The dog coat with hood was so simple to make that we made Pogo a plain coat out of the extra rainbow fabric.

The first fitting for the rainbow dog coats resulted in the coats fitting Kizzie and Pogo but they were tight.  We have altered the coats and are ready for their second fitting.

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