Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa's Little Workshop

I never said that I was a good photographer and this post will prove it.  Most of the time my camera takes pretty good picture dispite my shakey hands and inability to focus on an object, but these photos are not my best.  I ask you kind indulgence.

These napkins were done for my girlfriend, Judy.  Bad photograph but beautiful napkins with a mermaid outline and Judy's last name.  The tote bag has Judy's name embroidered in metallic thread.

Then I had an order for this little tote.  The name on the tote was supposed to be Chanler.  I admit it, I'm a dummy, I put "Chandler", but then we did another bag with the right name.

So much has been going on.  I caught George sitting on the deck yesterday and he said he couldn't believe that we've missed the entire Christmas season.  Christmas is upon us.  Yes, 10 more days until Christmas.  But we certainly haven't missed the season.  We have been busy, busy, busy.  Yay!!!

Last weekend I spent with my Nereids in Mobile.  Mardi Gras is approaching not long after the New Year.  So, we combined our Christmas party and our normal Mardi Gras bead trip.  Oh, what a weekend that was.  Have you ever laughed until your side hurts?  We did that several times this past weekend.  We also got a lot of Nereid business accomplished.  But, you know the rule:  What happens in Mobile, stays in Mobile.  Suffice it to say that we had a blast.

Tomorrow night is our MHN/SCM Christmas party.  It started out as our Social Committee Meeting every Wednesday night, but along the way we had non-Nereid friends that we simply could not live without, so we included the title Mental Health Night.  Oh my, my Wednesday night girls are the best.

As Christmas approaches I'm seeing a lot more towels to embroider and less totes.  Napkin orders keep rolling in, as well.  Shirts and sweatshirts, too.

And look at this cute little blanket in a bag.

Tomorrow George and I are going to be embroidering some beautiful Christmas table runners.  I can't wait to see how they turn out.  We may even have time to do our Santa hats.  I saw the cutest Santa hat at the SOB Christmas party that had the word "Naughty" embroidered on it.  I think we will do one with "Naughty"
and the other with "Nice".

We have had torrential rains lately.  In fact, last weekend the girls were looking for an ark builder. lol  Nevertheless, the garden is looking great.  I sit at my kitchen table and look out the window at my garden all day.  It is just soothing to the soul.  And the tomato plant is still producing cherry tomatoes.  It is December, right?  Ah, this surely is paradise.  Someday I'm going to take the time and do something big and beautiful with the embroidery and plant designs.  I love nature.

The jackets in the photographs are for some of my dance teacher's students.  I delivered them to Monette tonight and one of the girls was there and was pleasantly surprised to get the jacket.  She loved it.  And that makes me happy.  Alas, we are through with dance class until January.  And yes, these are all done in metallic thread, gold and silver.

We haven't even had time to send out Christmas cards this year.  Hope we can get to it.  Heck, I hope I remember to send presents to my son and family in Tampa.

Although the photographs are terrible, these napkins are gorgeous.  They are the 20" x 20" white, restaurant quality, napkins with the green "E" embroidered with a metallic gold outline.  They are to match a set of china that is white with green bamboo and gold trim.  Can't you just envision the place setting -- fabulous!

Please note on the right hand side of this blog, I have now placed our price list.  To order from Cajun Stitchery simply call or email me with what you want and I'll take it from there.  Even if you want something but just aren't sure what, talk to me.  Last week it was brought to my attention that I am a "solution provider."  Sounds impressive.  I just want to see my customers happy and we can work together to find just what you want.  Think of Cajun Stitchery as an experience rather than simply an embroidery business.  You can go to any embroiderer and order items, pay the bill, take your purchases and leave.  Before you leave Cajun Stitchery, I want you to be my friend, get on our email list, join me on Facebook, and let's have a great experience together.

Until next time, mes amis.

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