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Cajun Corner Vol 1, No 33

Cajun Corner – Vol. 1, No. 33 – JANUARY 8, 2010

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Remember my miraculous tomatoes that were producing tomatoes in December? They are gone. It’s cold. Our yard looks like it went into shock. The temperature this week had and has lows into the 20’s most of the week. My dogs are house dogs and go outside to do their business. This week there has been no smelling the roses when they go out. They are out and then in. Baby, it’s cold outside.

Yesterday would have been Mama’s 92nd birthday. Happy Birthday, Mama. My Aunt Philo will turn 91 later this year.

January 2nd was George’s birthday. We had the neighborhood birthday party at a neighbor’s home. These surprise parties really are no longer surprises. We all know they are coming but it is fun to act surprised. The routine is that everyone arrives a half hour before the birthday boy or girl, to prepare. We were to arrive at 5:30. At 5:00 George called our neighbor and said that he’s watching our other neighbors walk to her house with food in hand. The party was, of course, delightful. The neighbor who had family down from Georgia brought them to the party. By the time they left, they were thinking about buying a house in the neighborhood. It has turned into a great place to live.

We finally posted our New Year’s Resolutions on the blog this week. It is going to be a great year with a lot of diversity and fun.

The Mardi Gras season begins today for me. The Krewe has our den and we move in today. Tomorrow is our King Kake Party at Paradise Inn where we crown our new King and Queen and officially open the Mardi Gras season on the beach. If you can, please come out to Paradise Inn tomorrow at 3 p.m. for the party. Tonight we are all putting our raffle baskets together and getting our decorations out of storage.

This week we embroidered jackets for the Krewe of Junkanoo. Hope I remember to post photographs of those jackets. I am proud of the embroidery, not only because it turned out beautiful, but also because I digitized it. We also embroidered and digitized 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize aprons for their Chili Cook Off. Everything turned out great – except that I forgot to take photographs of the aprons. Maybe one of my Junkanoo friends will do that for me. We are working on more of their jackets today.

As I mentioned last week, we are on now. I had made a couple of pair of white fingerless gloves a/k/a arm warmers with cute fish embroidered on them. Those two pair were the first and only items on Etsy so far. I keep making more of those gloves and before I can put them on Etsy, they are gone. This past Wednesday night we had two birthday celebrations at our Wednesday night girls gathering and I gave a pair to each of the ladies. They love them. Who would have known they would be so popular? The gloves are made out of jersey a/k/a t-shirt fabric and very comfortable. The nicest thing is since it is jersey, you can throw it in the washer and dryer.

One of the girls mentioned that we need to have a special name for these fingerless gloves, something that says they are a Cajun Stitchery design. I am definitely open to suggestions. The whole glove thing made me remember a story that Mama used to tell me. When Mama, Philo, Odette, and Lillian were little girls they would go to their grandmother’s house. They called their grandmother Landry, Mom. Several of their uncles were young adults at the time and they had a pool table and would play cards and other things upstairs in the house. They did not want the little girls in there. So, Mom would tell the little girls that they could not go through the door (which actually went into the room with the boys) because Madam Grand Doigt would get them. Please forgive my spelling but translated it meant Mrs. Long Fingers. I think this is such a cute story and can picture those little girls scared of Madam Grand Doigt. Interestingly, I have since heard other Cajuns mention Madam Grand Doigt and apparently that was a pretty common story at the time. The best I can figure is that they used Madam Grand Doigt like we do the Boogie Man will get you. Every time I think of those fingerless gloves, for some reason, I think of Madam Grand Doigt. Maybe we should call them Madam Grand Doigt gloves. What do you think?

This week has been so busy that I don’t know if I’m coming or going. George has been downstairs working on the Junkanoo stuff and I’ve been upstairs working on the fingerless gloves. One thing that I wanted to do this week is visit my favorite store – Fabric Outlet in Cantonment. Yesterday, we did just that. We came home with a garbage bag full of fabric. While traveling to the store, I thought of a much better way to make the gloves. It takes more fabric but less time – and they are fully lined which makes them warmer. Last night I tried out my theory and it’s perfect.

While at Fabric Outlet, I also purchased fabric for table runners. I’m getting ready to do my pretty Mardi Gras table now. I also purchased a bunch of fabric that was a good deal. George laughed. He asked what I was going to do with all of that fabric and I was telling him the jersey would be the fingerless gloves, the satiny fabric would be the runners, and the other fabric was a great deal and I had to have it.
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One day Boudreax and Thibodaux were watching TV. A good commercial about a movie came on and it said, "Coming To A Theatre Near You." Boudreaux looked at Thibodaux and said, "Thib how they know where we live?"


French phrase of the week: uni (adj.) 1. united. 2. smooth. C'est mieux de danser dessus un plancher qu'est bien uni. (It's better to danse on a floor that is nice and smooth.)


Many businesses use promotional products that allow people to see what their business is all about. A new idea with these type of products are products that are good for the environment. This includes products that are made from substances that will easily decompose. There are many websites that show all the products that are available that people can use to promote their businesses. (It would also be a good idea to mention to the businesses that you would prefer something eco-friendly to something non-eco-friendly.)

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