Monday, January 25, 2010

Can You Really Ever Have Too Much Glitter?

Another weekend comes to a close.  We have really been working hard on our float.  I am not sure if I did not get covered in more glitter than the float.  I can shake my head and there is still a mist of gold glitter falling around me. 

I have wanted a krewe hoodie for sometime now and Cajun Stitchery created it.  I got my hoodie on sale at Food World for $10.  I cannot buy it wholesale for that price.  Anyway, we put the beautiful design on it and I wore it to work on the float and now it has purple paint on it.  What was I thinking?  It is still beautiful and I will wear it with pride. 

We never made it to the Nauga Ball.  George and I worked on the float instead.  Several of the krewe did go.  In fact, one of our krewe members, Judy, was crowned Queen of Nauga this year.  As I understand it, Judy was not prepared and had her face painted purple with a big eye in the middle of her forehead and a horn out of the top of her head.  She went as a one eyed, one horned, flying, purple people eater.  Congratulations Judy! 

Our wonderful Love Ladies and Love Slaves have been helping out tremendously on the float.  It is always good to have extra workers.  I sure hope they had fun while working.  Mardi Gras is nothing without fun and frivolity.

There is also never a lack of food.  A Nereid will never starve.  Those girls are some of the best cooks that I have ever run across.  Today we had shrimp bisque that was to die for.  You filled up on it but kept on eating because it just tasted so good.

My big stand up computer has viruses as of tonight.  I tried to open something that a friend posted on Facebook and got pop ups all over my monitor about viruses.  I have been working on getting rid of the viruses but I think I am going to need some professional help now.  Thank goodness I have my laptop.  And thank goodness I put everything on flash drives so I could go from one computer to the other.  I vow to always put everything on flash drives from now on.  Of course, you cannot put the programs on the flash drives.  At least I do not think you can.  The big computer houses the program for Doris and you can only have that program on one computer.  So, I am up the creek insofar as Doris is concerned until the big computer is fixed.  We still have Boudreaux who purrs like a kitten and does not require a computer.

This week is going to be busy.  Besides dance and our social committee meeting, I have to get a ball gown.  Our ball is this coming Saturday evening.  I also have go to the fabric store for some white jersey to fill an order and there are more Junkanoo jackets.  Now that the Saints won their game tonight and are on their way to the Super Bowl, we may have more Krewe of Drew orders.

Have a wonderful week, my friends.

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