Wednesday, January 20, 2010

King Kake, Moon Pies, Chili Cook Off and Embroidery

We have been so busy with Mardi Gras, floats, costumes, krewe members and parties that I've slowed down on everything else.  The King Kake Party was wonderful -- George's picture was even in the local newspaper; the Moon Pie Party was fabulous; then the Junkanoo's Chili Cook Off was a big success.  Funny story about the Chili Cook Off was that the Nereids were planning on entering the contest and one of the girls had cooked her chili and was ready to take it to the Chili Cook Off the day after the Moon Pie Party.  It turned out that when the girls left the Moon Pie Party and went to Krewe Den, they were so hungry that they ate the chili and we, therefore, had no entry the following day.  Those girls are something else.  George and I attended the Chili Cook Off and ate many of the wonderful chili samples but we didn't stay for the contest winners.  Since Cajun Stitchery did the embroidery for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place aprons, I would have liked to see the response.

I'm still making the fingerless gloves and trying different designs.  The possibilities are endless.  The very first pair that I made were just plain white jersey and I kept those for myself.  They came in real handy this past weekend when we were painting the float.  The nice thing about them is that you can just stick them in the washer and dryer and you are good to go.  Of course, my white pair now has paint splotches on them but I think that looks artsy.

Recently, I've seen jersey scarves that look lovely and jersey is so soft.  They are so easy to make but the prices that I've seen are pretty high.  I'm thinking about making some jersey scarves with embroidery.  That will probably be my next project. 

The Krewe of Drew design is still going strong.  Those Saints are something else this year and everyone is excited.  Even George and I are excited and interested in the football games, and we usually are not big football fans.  This year is different.  As it turns out I have one extra XL black sweatshirt in stock.  So, if anyone wants the Krewe of Drew design embroidered on it, you don't have to wait for the order to arrive.  It's $30 plus tax and/or shipping.

I'm unveiling my new arrivals that I've been promising -- pillow cases.  Last year had napkins as the star attraction at Cajun Stitchery.  This year it will be pillow cases.  Of course, napkins are still available.  The delay in announcing the pillow cases is because it took a long time to get them after I ordered them.  They are white pillow cases, hotel quality and I've got a lot of ideas for designs.  We'll start off with the pair that I made for one of my friends.

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  1. Those pillowcases are fabulous! Beautiful work! I look forward to trying on a pair of those fingerless gloves. I think they'll be perfect for me as a photographer!