Monday, February 1, 2010

Ball, Gloves and Old Friends

This past weekend was the Nereids' Ball and what a fabulous time was had by all.  The funny story from the ball was that our queen was not present.  She had made arrangements for a cruise to the Bahamas last April and could not cancel.  Of course, at the time she made the arrangements, she did not know she was going to be queen.  In true Nereid fashion, we did not let this get us down.  The queen made a video prior to leaving on the cruise, to be shown at the Ball.  The girls got a manequin and dressed it in a ball gown, applied all of the regalia of our queen, took a photo of our queen's face and had it blown up to life size and put a wig on and our faux queen joined us for the ball.  Her head fell off a few times while dancing and I understand that when posing at the buffet table her clothes fell off and she had to be re-dressed. 

I made a couple of pair of the fingerless gloves this past week.  One pair was white with the initial "Z" and a camera for my photographer friend and another pair was black with gold fleur de lis for one of my Krewe of Drew friends. 

The Krewe has been talking about the hoodies with the krewe name on the back.  After some discussion, we think the jacket is wrong.  So, I'm off looking for a nicer, all round jacket.

Yesterday my neighbor and I cooked dinner for the Krewe at Krewe Den.  It was a wonderful dinner.  Let's face it, all I did was buy the stuff and made the green bean casserole.  By the time we got home last night I was exhausted.  I slept 9 hours straight. 

I love Facebook.  I love it because you can find friends and family with whom you have lost touch and make so many new friends.  This weekend George found a bunch of his old Zoo buddies on Facebook.   If you didn't know, George used to work in animal care at the Zoo and later at the Wildlife Sanctuary.  Animal people are really special people.  It saddened us as we lost touch with all of these folks, but now, thanks to Facebook, they are back.  I would love to see us all get together again.  Alas, everyone seems to be scattered to the four winds.  This is, however, making me want to embroider animals. 

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