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Cajun Corner Vol 2 No 6

Cajun Corner – Vol. 2, No. 6 – February 5, 2010

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My first ball of the season was the Mystic Krewe of Nereids’ Masquerade Ball. In the best Nereid fashion, we stunned everyone. Our Queen was not able to make the ball due to a prior engagement that had been set for nearly a year and could not be changed. So, our Queen joined us via a prerecorded video. In addition, we had taken a mannequin, dressed it up in our Queen’s attire, enlarged a photo of our Queen’s face, put a wig on it, and all of the queenly trappings and voila our Queen joined in the festivities. It was truly hilarious. She was on the dance floor with everyone and only lost her head a couple of times. I heard that in the buffet line, her clothes fell off and several Nereid subjects immediately re-dressed her. Needless to say it was a fun and special evening.

Upon her return, our Queen met her twin. It was appropriate that she said “off with her head” since this year’s parade is on Valentine’s Day and she was merely acting as the Queen of Hearts. Yep, the mannequin had to be returned from whence it came and the queen’s head has sat on the television at krewe den all week. I believe the head was head has now been returned as well.

The next ball that I will attend is this Saturday night, the Krewe of Wrecks Ball. The Krewe of Wrecks is our mother krewe. In New Orleans they have the Krewe of Rex, but on our beach we have the Krewe of Wrecks. This is a very special year for the Krewe of Wrecks. It is the 30th Anniversary. Of course, I have another gorgeous gown to wear – thanks Judy.

In the meantime, the float is coming along just fine. Everything that we can do on the float in the garage will be finished this weekend and next Wednesday we are rolling her out to the street for the decorations too high for the garage.

In fact, Cajun Stitchery will be closed next Wednesday through the following Monday. We will re-open on Mardi Gras Day since our parade is on Sunday. We will be in and out that week because we have to clean up Krewe Den, put our stuff back into storage and say goodbye to Mardi Gras. I’ll have my cell phone with me.

We have done some beautiful embroidery this Mardi Gras season and I believe I have captured it all in photographs, albeit not the best photographs in the world. There are still more to come.

Most of you know that George used to work in animal care at our local zoo and later at the Wildlife Sanctuary. They used to have the most fabulous group of animal care people at the zoo when George worked there. That group of people were very tight friends and truly loved those animals. Not to mention they loved to party, too. As time has gone by, we lost touch with these wonderful people. I am not joking when I say that animal care people are a breed apart. Animal care is not a high paying job and there is only one reason that anyone would stay in that field – they truly care about the animals. This week on Facebook, George found one of his zoo buddies, then another and by now I think we have most of the animal people connected on Facebook. It was like a family reunion. Most are far away now, but a few are still local and Facebook brought them all together again. We have already started embroidering animals.

More Junkanoo jackets are coming in today. If I wasn’t a Nereid, I’d be a Junkanoo. These people are fabulous and have such a wonderful camaraderie. Keep those jackets coming.

The Saints are headed for the Super Bowl on Sunday. The other day on the news they said that there had been some controversy about using the phrase “Who Dat.” I know I was concerned about legal consequences and wouldn’t embroider the phrase. The Saints legal staff has said as long as the printers/embroiders don’t connect the Who Dat with New Orleans or the Saints, there is nothing prohibiting the embroidery and printing of the phrase. Cajun Stitchery can embroider WHO DAT on everything. Just give me a call.
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Boudreaux and Marie take a vacation to the Cajun Riviera, Holly Beach Louisiana. They had a great time. Boudreaux buried Marie in the sand on the beach. Then Marie buried Boudreaux in the sand. It was so much fun. Boudreaux buried Marie in the sand. They had so much fun. A year later Boudreaux sat back and was thinking of how much fun they had on the beach. He thought it was so much fun that maybe he would go back there and dig her up.


French phrase of the week: Il y a du vent. (There is a wind.)


When George was a little boy his dad and uncles used take him along when they went to golf. As time went by, he even caddied for golfers at the local range in Atlanta. He used to tell me that he could go out on the golf course and retrieve numerous golf balls that the golfers had lost and then sell them to golfers. That became a rather lucrative pastime for him in those early years.

George’s stories of selling the golf balls were revisited after I found a website Here are some excerpts:

I Just Gotta Tell Ya

• Over 1 Billion Golf Balls are sold every year

• 1 Palm Tree cut down at the Olympic Club in San Francisco in 1999 and disgorged 200 golf balls

• In an average year, all but the scuzziest of ranges will replace 100 percent of their golf ball stock. Gartner figures that 40 percent or so are lost in the mire or over the fence; 40 percent are “retired” to the garbage bin and the rest are stolen.

• An estimated 518 Million Rounds of Golf are played every year

• The average golfer loses 4.5 balls per round of golf.

How To Make Money Selling Used Golf Balls

1.) Buy a golf ball retriever that you can use to fish golf balls out of lakes and ponds. It needs to be one that is attached to a string or rope that you can pull along the bottom of a golf course lake to collect the lost balls.

2.) Visit as many Golf Courses as you can

3.) Clean and separate golf balls by type and condition

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