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Cajun Corner Vol 2, No. 9

Cajun Corner – Vol. 2, No. 09 – March 5, 2010

Bon Jour! Welcome to Cajun Stitchery’s weekly email and welcome to our family.


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As of next Tuesday, March 9, 2010, Cajun Stitchery will have been in business for one full year. Can you believe we have survived the first year? Wow! A year ago we had no idea if this venture would survive and we have met so many wonderful and supportive people throughout this year.

The contest winner was Amy DePew who suggested that we have a contest each week during the month of March. Amy won a set of 4 napkins with her choice of napkin friendly embroidery. She has chosen red napkins with a poinsettia and the name “Ballew.” We immediately went into contest mode and had an impromptu contest which Sandi Johnson won. Sandi has also won a set of 4 napkins with her choice of napkin friendly embroidery.

This week’s contest: This week Cajun Stitchery would like to know what you like about Cajun Stitchery. Doesn’t have to be an essay but you are welcome to do so. Have you had a good experience with us? Tell us about it. Is there a design that you have particularly liked? Let us know. What have you enjoyed the most about Cajun Stitchery this past year? The winner will be announced next week in Cajun Corner.

This past week we embroidered an adorable southwestern lizard on a set of napkins for a neighbor. The photos are in earlier blogs from this past week.

We discovered via a neighbor that the Pensacola Visitor’s Center is selling some really nice beach mats with an attached inflatable pillow for $2.50 each. The beauty is that the cover for these mats can be embroidered and we have already done a couple. This is a really good deal for the mat. The mat is large enough to have a picnic. Photos of this project were posted in a blog earlier this week. These mats would make terrific gifts for anyone who enjoys picnicking or just laying out in the sun or on the beach. My friend is giving them to friends visiting from out of state. Buy one at the Visitor’s Center and bring it over to Cajun Stitchery who will embroider a large name for $10. The entire gift would cost $12.50 plus tax. Not a bad gift or price.

Spring is just on the horizon and not a moment too soon. We have spring fever over here. Hopefully next week will be nice enough to play in the garden and start planting new things and harvesting other things. This year I really want to try to get some nice sized tomatoes growing. You know that we always have good luck with the cherry tomatoes but for some reason we haven’t had much luck with the larger tomatoes. Once again, we’ll try. Never give up.

The other day I needed to place an order for some supplies. Most of my ordering is via the internet. I ended up with $65 worth of a thread order. I just had a wonderful time shopping. Then I went to order stabilizer and ended up ordering 20 gross of rhinestones. Mama used to tell me to go shopping for myself when I was feeling down. I’m not feeling down but I am suffering from spring fever. What are we going to do with 20 gross of rhinestones?

Hopefully today I will get a chance to stitch out a new pillowcase design that I think will be adorable.

Don’t forget that the pillowcases are available for sale. The price will vary depending on the embroidery requested. Our pillowcases are white, standard size, hotel quality pillowcases. We have chosen white because it matches everything. The pillowcases themselves are $15.00 for a pair, plus the embroidery and sales tax/shipping. These would make wonderful, unique gifts for weddings, birthdays, showers, holidays and don’t forget graduation. Take advantage of our stock designs, too.

Did you know that it is easier to thread a needle if you put a piece of white paper or fabric behind the eye of the needle?
Always remember that we are just a call or email away at or 850-261-2462 and place your order.


Thibodaux and Boudreaux was talking and Boudreaux says, hey Thibodaux do you know a woman got a YET. Naw says Thibodaux, women aint got a YET. Yea she do says Boudreaux, a woman got a YET. How you know a woman got a YET, says Thibodaux. Cause it say so rat here in da paper,"Woman Shot, bullet in her YET."


French phrase of the week: Cet homme est beaucoup amoureux. (That man is a womanizer.)


Taken From:

How to create an eco friendly garden:

1. Step 1

Conserve water. Instead of turning on the sprinkler and letting it run for hours, consider a drip-irrigation system in your garden. If you do opt for the sprinkler, make sure that is in good condition and is not clogged, to avoid the need to run it longer than usual.

2. Step 2

Go native. With your plants, that is. Local plants will grow best in your soil with the least assistance from chemicals, so avoid anything not native to your region, if possible. You will reduce the need to ship plants to your area, too. You may be happily surprised by the selection afforded you with your indigenous plants, fruits and vegetables.

3. Step 3

Avoid chemicals. The toxins in your pesticides and fertilizers can end up in your water run off leading to your sewers and local drains. You can find organic versions of these products in most home improvement and garden stores and can result in healthier plants and a cleaner water supply.

4. Step 4

Keep the woods safe. Meaning keep the wood products you use for your fencing or décor ecologically-friendly. Bamboo is a green option that will not only create a unique backdrop for your garden, but is a hearty grower and lives a long time. Make sure any other wood you buy isn't endangered.

5. Step 5

For Pete's sake...don't use peat. Many people use peat for décor and moisture retention in their garden, but this resource is slow to regenerate and is not effectively sustainable. Keep your resources for your garden sustainable by opting for items that are easy and economical to quickly replace, so there is always a strong supply available.

6. Step 6

Let the sun shine in. it may go without saying that your garden needs sunlight, but so do your garden lights and accessories. Opt for solar generated lights or fountains to lower your traditional energy source use.

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