Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cajun Stitchery First Year Anniversary

Yesterday, March 9th was our first year anniversary.  How exciting is that?  We made it one whole year.  We worked on Junkanoo jackets and I started a throw blanket.  The blanket is going to be covered in our samples from last year.  Kind of a commemorative blanket.  It will take awhile to finish but I'm sure I'll post pictures.  Now onto the 2nd year, may it be twice as wonderful as the first!!!!

Our job with the Junkanoo jackets was to put each person's name above the pocket.  Sounds simple enough and for most it was simple.  Then there are those jackets that the krewe members glued patches over the jacket pocket in the place where we need to embroider.  We tried gently pulling to see if the glue wasn't too bound.  We are down to our last 4 jackets and have to figure a way of getting those patches off.

I'm meeting with our CPA tomorrow, so today is probably going to be consumed in printing out reports and getting ready for the meeting.

Since tonight is my girls night out, I need to finish my friend's birthday present.  I'll post pictures later.  It is a pair of pillowcases and the design is beautiful.  Now I have to stitch it out.

George is busying himself with inventory today.  Last week we ordered several items that were running low, and, I admit it, a few fun things.  We are waiting on the thread to arrive.  We ordered another spool of gold metallic thread but then started thinking that since we can order any color under the sun, that we should order gold poly thread and see how close to metallic it looks.  We ordered 5 shades of gold.  I can't wait to see if it really looks gold.

So many things to do and so little time.  I'll close this post for now, but I'll be back:>)

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