Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter, Spring, Graudations and Weddings

I am a bad neighbor.  My neighbor went on vacation to Boston and loaned her house out to relatives who were coming into the Pensacola area for their vacation.  She asked me to look in on them and make sure they had everything they needed.  They came in Sunday night so we didn't want to bother them.  I assumed they were tired from traveling.  Monday morning the lady called me and we had a friendly chat and they were fine.  I have not made it over there to even introduce myself face-to-face.  It's been crazy around here.  In a good way.  I must make sure I go over there today.

Cajun Stitchery's page on Facebook has consumed my time this week.  I'm trying to get a lot of our photographs of projects on their for all to see.  It's been a kind of blitz of advertisement for us.  Good gosh!  I've taken a lot of photographs and we've done a lot of projects.  One of them George didn't even remember doing.

All of that combined with Spring and a definite urge to be outside.  George has worked in the yard all week.  It is looking great.  Today he's working in the garden.  I'm bound and determined to get on the embroidery machine and stitch away all day. 

The napkins that we embroidered for the church affair were received with delight.  We finished the napkins for our contest winner, Sandi, and she should receive them today.  She wanted red napkins and I sent her several sample designs.  Finally, she said for me to choose a design and surprise her but she likes her full last name and a conch shell.  They turned out nice.  Now we wait and see how Sandi likes them.

Judy, another contest winner, wanted the three turtles design that she and I worked on for one of her Christmas presents.  That design just wasn't going to work on napkins.  It was much too dense.  So, we've decided to use one turtle, instead of three.  I think they will end up looking lovely.

The other contest winner was Amy.  Amy, too, wanted red napkins but then decided she also wanted a red tablecloth.  We are waiting on the delivery of the napkins and tablecloth.  Although we have red napkins, I wanted to make sure it was the same shade of red, so I ordered the napkins with the tablecloth.

Several people have dropped by this week.  I love company.  One of our neighbors is an avid gardener and he and George get together trading plants and seeds.  This week he brought over a plant called feverfew.  I've heard the name but that's about it.  He says that he calls it the "Bayer plant" because it's an herb that is supposed to relieve headaches.  The reason he brought it to us is because we are always trying to find something that will grow under our oak trees.  Plants do not like those trees.  I will say that last year he suggested that we plant the oregano under the big live oak and sure enough the oregano is still alive.  I wouldn't exactly say that it is florishing but it is green. 

I'm working in the evenings on a throw blanket that I'm making.  I'm using test samples from many of last year's projects.  Sure hope this turns out nice.  It is taking a long time.

Yesterday was Tuesday and Tuesdays at Cajun Stitchery are bookkeeping days.  Our new friend and CPA had several projects for me to do and we did them all.  It was such a good feeling by the end of the day to have plowed through all of that stuff and have it behind us. 

The Junkanoo jackets are gone.  Leigh came over Monday after work and we loaded all of them into her car.  We had jackets hanging everywhere.  Once they were gone, the house looked empty.

We have one more Nereid jacket to do.  We had the jacket and last week George was working on it and the hood got caught under the sash of the embroidery machine and pulled the design askew.  We tried pulling out all of the stitches but finally realized that even if we got all of the stitches out, it wouldn't look as nice as we would like.  So, we ordered a new jacket that should arrive today or tomorrow.

There is one more week in March.  So we will have another contest this Friday.

I guess the next thing is Easter, Spring, graduations and weddings.  We are heading into the graduation and wedding time of the year.  If time permits, I think I'll stitch out several appropriate designs.  Remember heirloom for both weddings and graduations. 

C'est toute, mes amis.

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