Monday, March 29, 2010

Odds and Ends

Since our last Cajun Corner we've had a couple of people submit entries for this week's contest.  The winner gets 4 embroidered napkins -- it's free stuff.  The winner will be announced this coming Friday.  Get your entries in by sending me an email at  The contest is to submit home remedies, whether for health, housework, or whatever. 

Saturday evening we had a new friend and CPA over for dinner.  Boiled shrimp with potatoes, corn on the cob, french bread and wine.  She graciously baked and brought a chocolate cake -- yum.  We had a lovely evening even if it did include signing our tax returns.  We just love Dale.  Look her up at Padgett's Business Services in Pensacola.

We took the weekend off.  There was no embroidery this weekend.  I worked a bit on the blanket and George worked in the yard and garden.  It was a quiet, relaxing weekend.

Now we're ready to work.  Today we have some napkins and tablecloths to embroider.  I can't wait to post those pictures.

This week I want to start working on our Etsy site and get that going better than it has been.  We put a couple of items on there during the Mardi Gras season and really haven't done much with it since.  I'm thinking about making more of the little dog harnesses and maybe some aprons.

The Cajun Stitchery Facebook page is working well.  We have 198 fans at this time.  I was really pushing for 200 by the end of the weekend.  But we are only 2 shy of the mark and that's not bad.  I hope to have a lot more by next weekend.

We are planning a neighborhood gathering tonight by the chiminea.  Just a nice fire and a glass of wine.  Everyone has to work tomorrow so it won't be a late night thing.  We just haven't seen each other in a week.  Everyone has been so busy.

Have a wonderful week, mes amis!

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