Monday, March 15, 2010

The Outcome of A Shopping Adventure

Okay.  Before we even start this post, I apologize for the quality of some of these pictures.  I am not a photographer.

If you read this past Cajun Corner, then you know that I have been trying to come up with an alternative to metallic thread.  Bottom line is that metallic thread embroidery will cost you more whether from Cajun Stitchery or anyplace else.  There are various reasons for this but simply put, metallic thread is really made from metal and the up and down motion of the embroidery machine causes friction, which causes the thread to break.  So, as an embroiderer, you have to slow the machine down to a crawl.  Time is money and if it takes more time to work with metallic thread, then the cost will be more.

All of this said, we started wondering if gold, shiny thread could give the illusion of metallic.  Since we purchase our thread from a mill in North Carolina and the mill offers five shades of whatever color you want, we ordered five shades of non-metallic gold thread.  Holding the spools of thread next to each other, they were dead on with the color.  But, alas, as you can see, stitched out there is a difference.  It is the same shade of gold, only one is metallic and the other not.  That's not to say the non-metallic gold isn't beautiful.  It is. 

The little bag that I used for our metallic vs. non-metallic gold experiment is adorable.  This little bag has pockets on the outside, around the front with an elastic cord above the pockets.  The purported use of the little bag is for gardening.  Put your scissors or spade or whatever in the outside pockets.  The elastic cord holds the handles so they don't fall out.  Then you have additional space on the inside of the bag.  The handles are a light webbing fabric.  I saw those little bags and just had to have one. 

The first idea that came to mind was to use this bag as a substitute for plastic Easter baskets.  The bags are constructed with the recycled fabric like the Wal-Mart bags.  Who wouldn't want to wake up Easter morning with this little basket filled with gardening utensils, seeds, and other garden paraphenalia?  Taken on another vein, think of Easter grass in the center (let's try to use strips of paper rather than that plastic grass) with the usual goodies, chocolate Easter bunnies, Peeps, jelly beans, and maybe a beautifully colored boiled egg in each pocket.  The person's name could even be embroidered on the back side or around the rim.  The pockets would be so cute to place little stuffed bunnies.  Consider this bag as a make-up bag.  Another idea would be to put your napkins, salt and pepper shakers, perhaps your plastic (preferably the real thing, rather than plastic) knives and forks, and anything else that would fit for a picnic.  If you hang your clothes outside to dry, this would make a great clothes pin carrier. 

When I purchased the bag I was really hoping to be able to embroider on the pockets, but they are too small to hoop.  As you can see there is no problem embroidering around the top edge or even on the back side.  I just think these bags are adorable.  If you are interested, place an order for your bag in time for Easter.  There is a caveat, however:  if you want the bags, let me know now so that I can find them again.  They are only available as long as I can locate the local supply.  We will be glad to sell them with an embroidered name on the back for $7.00, plus tax and/or shipping.  If enough people think they are as darling as I do, I may consider making them myself.

I forgot to take pictures of the latest pillowcases.  They were beautiful.  Hopefully, I will visit the recipient of the pillowcases this week and, as long as I remember to bring my camera, I'll take photos.  In the meantime, I did take photographs of the sample design that we embroidered.  This design was on the 3" hem of the pillowcases on each side with the name in the middle.  They are very "heirloom."  This not only makes a wonderful gift for most occasions, but consider getting a set for yourself to pass onto your children, or to include in a Hope Chest.

While shopping I found this cute fanny pack.  I've never had a fanny pack in my life.  I've always avoided them because they would draw attention to my large fanny.  On the other hand, there are numerous times when I would prefer not to carry a purse but still have someplace to put my cell phone, money, keys, driver's license, etc.  I bit the bullet and purchased this cute fanny pack.  Of course, fanny packs are small intentionally but we still could put some cute small designs and even my name on this one.  It has two zippered pockets.  One is a small zippered pocket that could hold your  money or credit card.  The other is larger and can hold cell phones, keys, and other items.

Same caveat for the fanny pack as for the cute garden tote, above.  Cajun Stitchery will sell the fanny pack with embroidered name or initials for $7.00 plus tax and/or shipping as long as we can find them, again.

The last item that I want to share today is a 6-pack tote.  This tote is extremely light weight and insulated.  There have been articles written on embroidery on insulated or water proof items.  Embroidery perforates with stitches and at those points can allow moisture in on water proof things or release the heat or cold on insulated items.  To overcome these shortcomings, the back of the embroidery needs to be covered with glue.

This is the type of cooler that I used to use for my lunch at work.  They are the size of a 6-pack with room to put a little ice, if you like.  What I really liked about the one I had was that when they are empty, they fold up and can be stored anywhere.  I would fold it up and put it in my purse after lunch.

Have your name embroidered on it so everyone will know that it belongs to you.  All sides, including top and bottom can be embroidered on this cooler.  Just remember to cover the inside of the embroidery with glue, let dry, and you are ready to go.  The carrying strap is made of nylon webbing.  This would also make a darling Easter basket.  Fill with Easter grass and put chocolate bunnies, eggs and whatever you like in it.  Wrap it in cellophane with a beautiful bow and this would make a lovely Easter basket.  We have tons of stock designs, including Easter designs, which would look lovely on this bag.  Today must be $7.00 day.  This item, with your name or initials embroidered is $7.00 plus tax and/or shipping.

Have a wonderful day, cher!

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