Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To Serge Or Not To Serge? That is the question.

Yesterday was meeting day. I attended a very nice business luncheon and met lots of other people in small local businesses. I even finished the bookkeeping. It was a very productive day.

Today I need to continue stocking up the Etsy store. I've been thinking lately about the things you can do with one square of fabric. If you make the square 10" to 12" and hem around it, you have a handkerchief or cocktail napkin; 20" square is a dinner napkin; 36" square is a bandana; and much larger and you have a tablecloth or blanket. I've also noticed lately that merrowed edges are becoming more popular than hemmed edges. A nice hem seems so attractive to me but they take time to do. Merrowed/serged edges do appear neat but not as neat as the hemmed edges. They are fast if done with a serger. As Mama used to say "zip, zip, zip, zip and you're done." I've been doing my handkerchiefs with rolled hems but have noticed that many of the store bought handkerchiefs have serged hems or if they have lace, the fabric is just folded under once with the lace on top. Although I'm sure this is secure, I don't like the idea of possible frayed fabric showing on the underside. Anyway, I'm thinking about doing some serged edges. Besides, I haven't used my serger in awhile and it needs to work, too.
We have a customer who wants some kitchen towels to give as a gift. The recipient of the kitchen towels are a couple. The man likes cute bunnies and the lady likes frogs. Our assignment is to come up with some cutesy design, in earthtones, incorporating a bunny and frog. The first one is super cute but makes me think of babies. The second one has more attitude but could probably use even more attitude. Although this second one does put a smile on my face.

We did some more handkerchief monogramming on the pretty store bought hankies and one of the black polka dot, handmade hankies. The red pursed lip design is adorable but I was concerned that it would be too dense for such a light piece of fabric. I certainly wouldn't want that design any denser but it did stitch out.
Goodness, gracious. I was trying to upload the photos for this post and the "insert image" function has been changed a bit. Now I have to figure out how to get this done. The pictures are on here but it was like pulling teeth.

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