Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ball Cap Sashes and Others Happenings

I was supposed to post yesterday but we were busy.  And busy is a good thing. 

Have you gone to lately?  Please go look at the cell phone holders and let me know what you think.  I think I need to get back in that kitsch kind of design mode.  I do love my new cell phone holder and it's doing everything it is supposed to do, plus it looks pretty.  I have a few more that I haven't put on etsy yet.  Hopefully, I'll do that today.

A few weeks back we tried to put the ball cap sash on Boudreaux and found that we were missing 2 screws.  We called the manufacturer and they sent the screws.  We didn't get back around to the ball cap sash again until this past Monday.  The new screws were the wrong ones.  We had to call back and have them deliver the correct screws.  They came in last night.  Hopefully, we can get to the ball cap sash today and finally start working on it.  Keep your fingers crossed.

George was learning a bit about digitizing and working in our digitizing program yesterday.  I went to my Wednesday girls night and when I got home, he was still playing around in the program.  I can't wait to see the designs he embroiders.

Facebook is a wonderful thing.  My girlfriends tease me because I have a lot of friends on Facebook.  A lady contacted me earlier this week asking me to digitize the logo for her husband's business.  She wants the logo on some polo shirts for his birthday next week.  We did the digitizing and she loved it.  That makes me feel wonderful because I'm still such a novice at digitizing, but I'm getting better.  Practice makes perfect.  We've had a few orders from people on Facebook that we would not have gotten otherwise.  I think Facebook is a phenominal networking tool.

Our new neighbor across the street stopped by yesterday with a homemade carrot cake.  Turns out he loves to cook.  Actually he said he loves to bake.  That was a delicious carrot cake.  I am truly blessed knowing people who love to cook, especially when I don't like to cook very often.  We also have another new neighbor a few doors down that moved in earlier this week.  Wonder if they like to cook?  It's a thought.

The broccoli and lettuce have seen better days in the garden.  We need to pull them up and plant something else in their spot.  The carrots and onions are being harvested now and the tomatoes and bell peppers are almost ready.  The lillies and several of the flowers are blooming.  I just love spring.

We have been doing some designs for barbers and hairdressers lately -- for their smocks.  We did one this week for a nail technician.  It's a hand over a bottle of nail polish.  The odd thing is that the hand is green.  The shop is called Malachite's and is named after the stone, malachite, which is a stone with green swirls of varying shades.  So, we were asked to make the hand in the design resemble the green swirls in the stone.  The customer was very pleased.

Time to get back to work.

C'est toute, mes amis.

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