Monday, May 17, 2010

Cell Phone, iPhone, Cases, Pouches, and Holders

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The pelican and mermaid totes that were put on Etsy last week have brought several viewers.  They really are beautiful totes.  This past weekend I've been working on cell phone and iPhone holders.  I think I have the pattern down now. 

It always seems that I am fumbling around in my purse trying to find my cell phone, even when it's ringing.  Several years ago a friend gave me a pretty little cell phone holder.  It had a handle that I could put around my purse handle for easy access.  The problem was the cell phone would fall out of the holder and I'd be fumbling around in my purse, again.  I decided, way back then, that I needed a holder that had a strap of some sort to hold the phone in the holder, plus the hook or strap that holds the holder onto my purse.  It was one of those things I always told myself  I would get around to doing.  This weekend I finally did it.

While perusing the Etsy site, I was trying to find out what size to make the holder because different cell phones are different sizes, then of course, there are the blackberries, iPhones and all sorts of gadgets.  It appeared that 3 1/2" wide by 5" tall is more or less the norm.  My cell phone just slipped around in that sized case.  My cell phone is 2" by 4".  I finally made a holder for my cell phone that is 3" by 4" and it's working just fine.  I made a few others that are 3" by 5" or 4" by 5".  They really turned out cute.  At least, I think so.  They have a strap to hold the phone in the pouch and a metal "D" ring to connect a lanyard, clip or whatever you like to hang on your belt or purse.  All I have is my little cell phone.  I do not have a blackberry or iPhone and there is plenty of room in the pouch for a drivers license, credit card or cash.  One of the pouches includes an embroidered panda as an additional pocket to the pouch.  The prices on Etsy seemed to be from $13 to $25.  Some were more, I didn't see any that were less.  I'm thinking about $15 for mine.

Last night while I was making the little cell phone cases, I was playing around on the computer and found some videos on sewing at Expert Village.  One series of videos was on becoming a fashion designer.  Nope, I haven't changed directions.  I was just playing around.  But the lady said something that struck me.  She relies a lot on things her grandmother tells her.  The lady appeared young enough to be my daughter or granddaughter.  She said that no matter what courses you take or where you take them, there will be techniques that you do not learn.  You should be open to listening to others who sew.  In this day and age of mass production, a lot of the finer details in clothing and items are omitted and haven't been taught for decades. In addition, different cultures incorporate different techniques in their sewing.  You really need to listen to all of these people.  Even if you don't use a particular technique, it's nice to know and someday that may be just the thing that you need to apply on your garment.  Although a lot of the series were on beginning sewing, how to thread a machine, cut out a pattern, etc., there were tips along that way that were just invaluable.  No one knows everything.  The point of the game is to find out and apply as much as you can.  At least, that's my perspective.

This week we hope to finally get the cap sash on Boudreaux and start learning how to embroider ball caps.  We've had a few requests for ball caps in the past and I just hate turning down business.

The ball cap issue brings me to another subject:  skin cancer.  Several years ago George found a spot on his arm.  It turned out to be a basal cell.  It was removed and all was well, but George's doctor told him either don't go out into the sun or, if you do, wear a covering on all parts of your body.  Ever since George has worn long pants, long sleeves and a cap or hat.  One of our neighbors was over today and he has the same problem but his doctor told him not to worry about covering his body with clothing, just wear the highest spf lotion you can find.

I haven't been a sun worshipper since I was a teenager.  Even then, I didn't lay out in the sun much.  If I got a tan, I got a tan.  Otherwise, I did not.  I live in Florida and I'm as white as a sheet most of the time.  It's funny because in "olden days" the milk white skin was a sign of beauty; now it's a golden tan.  Mostly, I just aim for comfort.  That brings us to ball caps.  It really is a good idea to cover your head in the sun.  Aside from the risk of skin cancer is what the sun will do to your eyes.  The last few times that I've been to the eye doctor, he's told me to make sure I wear sun glasses and then I get my prescription for progressive lenses -- which I love.  The sun in Florida can certainly burn your eyes.  So, be careful and wear a hat of some kind when you are in the sun.

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