Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don't Miss The We Can Embroider On Ball Caps Sale!!!!!

It's Wednesday and time for another post.  What has happened since Monday, our last post? 

Well, we completed the order for Flora-Bama Farms.  I'm delivering these polo shirts tonight.  I love those Cajun Stitchery tote bags.  We have so much fun using all different colors on this logo.

Yesterday we did some FSL (free standing lace) USA flag stars.  They are so simple, yet so sweet.  I think we will be making bunches of these.  They are just fun.

Reiko, the nail technician, loved her smock and says she is going to get more smocks and wants us to embroider her design on them.  Yea.

We have an order for two more VDL shirts.  These are for my aunt's bowling team.  We embroidered the shirts for the entire team last year.  They are an amazing group of people and I surely do love them.

Our dryer died.  It's been making an awful sound for many months and we just never fixed it.  Shame on us.  Monday the horrible sound got even more horrible.  George says it's the bearings.  Luckily, we still had Mama's dryer in the garage.  So, we have traded them out.  Now George is going to try to fix the other dryer.  I really liked my dryer because it has a large capacity and could easily dry a comforter.  I want my dryer back, but it sure is a blessing that we had a standby dryer.

We are really excited about being able to do ball caps.  Many months ago, one of the Junkanoo ladies asked if we could embroider on ball caps.  We knew Boudreaux had the capability but we kept putting off learning to use the cap sash.  That is, until this past weekend.  Anyway, the lady found some really cool ponytail caps.  These caps are regular ball caps with a larger hole in the back to allow for ponytails.  She gave us one and wants us to practice on it.  She was elated this week when I told her that we can now do ball caps.  However, we still haven't done her's because I'm working on the design.  I'm trying to get that Junkanoo design small enough for the cap, yet still looking nice and crisp. 

In the meantime, I found the manufacturer of the ponytail caps and am pretty impressed with what I've seen.  They strictly do ball caps.  I sent them our resale information and we are now able to purchase from them.  To try them out, we have ordered two dozen USA flag visors, 1 dozen of each of the visors shown in the pictures.  These visors will not make it here by Memorial Day but July 4th is a bit more than a month away.  We are celebrating our newly found ability to embroider on ball caps by having our WE CAN EMBROIDER ON BALL CAPS SALE.  For as long as they last, these USA flag visors are on sale for only $5.00.  Embroidery is extra.  As with everything else there is sales tax and/or shipping fees.  I have a feeling that these visors will go fast, so order them now, with or without embroidery.  We will only have 24 when they get here.

C'est toute, mes amis.

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