Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sample Stitch-Outs

I'm still working on turning some of the sample stitch-outs into viable products to be sold or used as lagniappes.  Since the Junkanoo logo would only be of interest to the specific krewe, I'm not selling those.  Rather, I'm using those as lagniappes for when any of the krewe orders something.  In fact, we finished another set of 5 red napkins with the white poinsettia and "Ballew".  She will get the bigger Junkanoo tote bag with the logo on both sides of the bag.

The other Junkanoo bag is smaller than the first and has the logo on one side.  There is a slight issue with that tote, I accidentally cut off part of the wordings.  Oops!  It still looks pretty cool though.

Remember the beautiful pelican that George put on the back of his jacket.  We have the sample stitch out for that design, which I made into a small bag, complete with a magnetic snap.  The bag will be placed on Etsy to be sold.  The design alone would cost around $50.00 to stitch.  It's an odd shaped bag, 4" wide, 2" deep, and 10 1/2" tall.  It almost looks like a wine bag.  There are occasions where I like to use a small bag but at the same time I have some essentials that I need to take with me, one of them is my wallet.  I have a pretty new wallet that is a little bit longer than a dollar bill.  It snaps closed with a hook mechanism.  I cannot use it in my other small bags because they are too short.  This pelican bag would hold my wallet, as well as cell phone with room for more.

The sample stitch outs for King Nerius XIX and Queen Doris XIX are pretty specific.  I took those two stitch outs and made one tote bag that I plan on presenting to Queen Doris XIX.  All of the bags are fully lined.

Do you remember the drop dead, gorgeous mermaid that George stitched out earlier this year?  The one in all of the purples and greens.  I had to do something with that sample, so I made a tote.  I didn't have the matching olive green fabric that the design was stitched on, so I used a purple fabric and made some nice purple handles.  The tote is fully lined in the purple fabric.  I think it really turned out beautiful.  This tote will be sold on Etsy.

The barber smock arrived.  In fact, the customer brought over 4 smocks.  He wanted us to embroider the design on the burgandy smock and then he will let us know if he wants us to go forward on the other smocks.  We finished the burgandy smock and am awaiting further orders.  If he agrees to have the design on the other smocks, I will have to discuss colors with him, since the lighter colors will wash away the design in the colors that he requested.

When I run across a small sample stitch out, I've learned to make soda can sleeves, like this one.

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