Monday, May 24, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Cap Game

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned that we were working on using the cap sash.  We did it.  George has the cap sash down pat and installed on Boudreaux.  We embroidered our first ball cap last night and it looks great.  We need more practice but it wasn't as bad as others had told us.  Once we get comfortable using, installing and uninstalling, this should be a piece of cake.  We already have orders for ball caps.  Now we have to get used to the ball cap lingo.  There is structured and unstructured caps; low, medium and high crowns; a myriad of sizing closures in the back; twill, brushed twill, poplin, leather, and a bunch more fabrics; and, many other verbiages for ball caps.  Not to mention that there are different companies who offer ball caps.  We're familiar with the tee shirt companies, Anvil, Jerzee, Gildan and so forth.  Now we have to familiarize ourselves with the ball cap companies.  Who knew?

Yes, I'm still playing with Etsy.  Those little cell phone pouches are so easy to make and allow for so much creativity.  I learned not to put everything on Etsy at one time.  If I do that, they become a blur and don't stand out individually.  If I put them on Etsy, one at a time, with a period of time between, then people get a better chance to see each one, and we get a larger audience.  Etsy has several ways of "sharing" the items placed for sale.  Facebook, of course, is top of the list; then Tweeter; Kaboodle; Tumblr; and, something else that I cannot remember.  Facebook, I understand.  Tweeter, I joined but I think I'm my only friend.  I haven't spent much time networking on the venues other than Facebook.  Tumblr, I joined last night and it looks like it's another blog.  Nevertheless, as time goes by, I need to learn all of these networking things because they all hit different audiences.  The more people who see our wares, the more sales we get.  Now I need to learn how to convince this internet population to purchase items from Cajun Stitchery, whether custom orders or Etsy items.

This morning we had an unexpected call from a neighbor inviting us to join them for coffee on their patio before it got too hot.  We went and enjoyed their beautiful garden.  We've gotten to where we trade plants.  Our neighbor has ponds and his water lilies are getting ready to bloom.  Ahhh, Spring.  It's just such a delight to lose yourself in nature.

Our lilies this year are remarkable and prolific.  We all feel the cold winter was a shot in the arm for the plants.  They just seem to come back with a vengence this year.  It could also be that we were so ready for Spring after such a cold Winter.

C'est tout, mes amis.

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