Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Black and White, French, and Animals

We've had a few napkin sales on Etsy this week.  I'm still trying to work on getting serious shoppers into the Etsy store.  And still trying to figure out Google Analytics.  Today at 2:00 central time is an Etsy Lab on Google Analytics that I do not want to miss.  I think GA (Google Analytics) is a very powerful tool but knowing what to do with that information is something else.  I am looking forward to the lab today.

One article that I read said that the color combination of black and white is still very popular, as well as anything french, and animals.  So, I created a set of napkins that I call "Birdsong".  They are white napkins with blackwork.  The design is a couple of birds on a tree branch singing.  Underneath is written "chanson d'oiseau" (translated: birdsong).  The napkins incorporate all of the en vogue items: black, white, french, animals.  I must say that without pushing to get visitors, there have been several visitors looking at those napkins.  Guess these people really know what they are talking about.  Of course, I haven't sold the napkins yet.

Our patriotic collection has not only been viewed but the white napkins starred in a treasury.  Not one single buyer.  Hmmm.  I'll get there.  I'm learning more everyday.

This week we included a set of red napkins with the Marine emblem.  Those are really pretty and we can make them with any of the service emblems:  marines, navy, army, air force, coast guard, and national guard.  I have an order for a tote bag with the Marine emblem and wanted to try it out.  I'm still waiting on the customer to look at the napkins and tell me what she thinks about the emblem.

As a lark, we made a set of black napkins with a silver metallic hand.  This is to keep up with the unusual, which Etsy encourages.  These are beautiful but definitely unusual.

We sold the set of gold napkins with the white footprints.  The purchaser requested an additional set.  I worried over this a bit because we do not have any more gold napkins.  When I purchase napkins there is a minimum order of 5 dozen and we had recently received a new shipment but no gold.  I finally contacted the purchaser and explained that we have no more gold in stock but would be glad to put the little feet design on 8 different colored napkins, if they would like.  The customer agreed and we used white napkins with little gold footprints.  I just hate to say that I don't have something.  However, we did make and mail the 8 white napkins with gold footprints and relisted the 4 gold napkins on Etsy.

George has been busy applying for a job as a wildlife observer with the BP people.  Not sure if it's government or BP at this point.  He went yesterday and said that there were hundreds of people and they ran out of applications.  But this morning he received a call from them and they want him in again today.  We'll see what happens.  It's not so much the money, as much as he wants to help the animals.

I would be terribly remiss if I didn't include Mr. Tigger protecting the pizza.  I think he just wanted the box but he was so cute I had to take pictures.

C'est toute, mes amis

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