Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cinderella Is Going To The Ball

Tonight is the Fiesta of Five Flags Ball.  Fiesta had sold out on their tickets, which has never happened before, but their office recently called me and had a cancellation and we were able to get tickets.  So, Cinderella is going to the ball after all. 

We've had more patriotic visor sales and I'm hoping to sell all 2 dozen of them.  Don't forget they are $5 each, without embroidery.  A name or initials are usually another $5.  $10 is not bad for a specialty visor like these.

Now we are into the ponytail caps.  We have 3 dozen of them.  They are going for $5 each, without embroidery.  $5 for most names and initials.  Another really good deal on a specialty cap.

We try to keep the prices as low as possible on our items but we do not try to compete with the Wal-Marts of the world because we are usually purchasing items one a time for custom orders, rather than thousands and millions like the super stores do. 

Another thing about the ball caps is that we have decided that ball caps are the exception to the rule that customers can bring in their own and we will embroider on it.  If anyone wants a ball cap from us, we will have to purchase it.  Turns out that some caps fit different hoops better than others.  We don't want to sell some ugly, funky looking embroidery, which is exactly what happens when the ball cap doesn't fit the hoop.

Etsy has taken up a lot of time this week because I'm trying to learn more about selling online and getting our store in order.  The articles that I've read suggest 60-100 items in an Etsy store is optimal.  We have something like 26 items in there now.  I'm trying to put a new item for sale each day until we reach 100 items.  Hope it works.  And I think my handcrafted items are looking better and better.  Practice makes perfect, you know.

Then there is the Google Analytics.  One of the Etsy articles said to sign up for Google Analytics to see what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong.  That's all fine and good if I could figure out what all of these numbers mean.  I'm getting there, though.  I have learned the SEO means "search engine optimization" and OOAK means "one of a kind".  "Bounce" is when someone clicks on a page in the store and then bounces or clicks right off.  You want a low bounce percentage.  It is interesting to see the items that people view.  Out of 26 items, visitors were only viewing 11 of the items in the store.  Interesting information, now I need to follow the hints accordingly.

Last night George and I were thinking about going to Bands on the Beach but opted for a quiet evening at home with Chinese take-out.  One of our neighbors called around 8 p.m. from Bands on the Beach saying he has never seen the placed so packed with people.  Good Morning America was there with all of the journalists and celebrities looking at our tar balls on the beach.  I didn't see GMA this morning but assume it was from Pensacola Beach.  We do need the business and we do need the awareness.

George has been outside washing and waxing the car.  He keeps coming in because it is so hot out there.  At least now he has the car under the oak tree so he can have some shade while waxing.

I need to get upstairs and back to my sewing machine.

C'est tout, mes amis.

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