Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Bowties and Ball Caps

We had planned a Memorial Day neighborhood get together but Monday morning was raining cats and dogs.  So, we cancelled.  By afternoon the sun was out and it turned out to be a beautiful day.  We should never have cancelled the get together.  However, all was not lost because I either visited or was visited by all of our neighbors, one at a time, on Monday. 

The oil spill is getting closer and closer to Pensacola and we are just holding our breath.  I really try to think of something positive about everything.  This one has been hard.  I just hope that this spill opens the eyes about our environmental issues and how delicate our environment really is.  I hope this spill stops any more oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico -- forever.

I learned how to boil peanuts this past week.  I've never been a big fan of boiled peanuts.  However, George loves them.  But I must admit they were simple to boil and they did taste good.  Of course, since our Memorial Day get together was cancelled, we have a bunch of boiled peanuts in our frig. 

The other thing is that we grow the stevia.  You know, the plant from Paraguay that has 300 times the sweetness of processed sugar.  It is prolific at my house.  I was reading about how to actually use it.  My first attempt was in iced tea.  I boiled 3 sprigs of the stevia with the tea and it tasted really good.  It could have been sweeter.  The next batch was boiled with 4 sprigs of stevia -- perfect.  You strain out the leaves, along with the tea bags.  Who knows.  I may even include the lemon balm in the next batch.  Lemon balm is supposed to make a really good tea.

The garden is beautiful.  We picked our first tomatoes and bell peppers.  Yummy.  These are our first normal sized tomatoes.  We've only been able to grow the cherry tomatoes before.  There really isn't a lot to plant in the summer except for okra and eggplant.  We planted some eggplant seeds but the rest of the garden is now planted in flowers -- at least, until August when we plant the fall garden.

Those ball caps are something else.  George has the ball cap attachment down pat on the embroidery machine.  We embroidered my Cajun Stitchery cap and then we had to learn a few things.  Good hooping is going to take a lot of practice.  The designs are digitized differently than designs for flat goods.  Plus the designs are small, no more than 2 inches tall.  Wide is okay but height is no more than 2 inches.  As they say, practice makes perfect, and the credit really goes to George, who has worked with this thing.  There was a hooping dilemma.  I think George has figured that out.  We are working together on digitizing designs that work on the ball cap apparatus.  So far, so good.  George embroidered some really nice visors today. 

Funny story about the Junkanoo ball caps.  We knew we needed to get that design cap friendly.  We messed up on the first few and just kept tweaking.  We did a white ball cap with the Junkanoo design but the "Krewe of" at the very top was not as bold as it should be.  Then we fixed that and in the end we had several Junkanoo caps tossed to the side as experiments.  Several weren't really bad but we could see it and knew what the problem was.  Yesterday, one of the Junkanoo ladies dropped a jacket off and I had the white Junkanoo hat on.  She bought the hat right off of my head -- literally.  haha  Wish I had take a picture of the white Junkanoo ball cap. 

I'm still working with the Etsy store.  I've been reading a lot of articles and trying to do what they say.  I need to put something new in the Etsy store every day or so.  I don't want to make the same thing all of the time.  I decided to make a bow tie.  I have to make a bow tie for George to wear to the upcoming Fiesta Ball anyway.  I made one and it turned out so nice but I don't have the hardware for it.  All I have are hooks and eyes and snaps or velcro.  I looked all over the internet for the slide and hook for a bowtie.  I can't find them.  I noticed one lady on Etsy selling bowties and she had a clasp.  I went looking for the clasp.  In usual Peggy fashion, I found the clasp and bought a bunch of stuff that I'm sure I don't even need.  So, I'm at a standstill until the hardware arrives.  Last night I made a bowtie that doesn't use the hardware.  The problem is that so few men or women know how to tie a bowtie, hence the hardware.  I guess I could sell the bowtie and give instructions on how to tie it, but even George kind of frowns on that one.  Anyway, to my surprise browsing around Etsy, girls wear bowties, guys were bowties, little boys wear bowties, and even dogs wear bowties.  I might try one or two on Etsy and see how it goes.

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