Monday, June 7, 2010

Unisex and Playing With Words

As you know, I've been diligently reading everything I can get my hands on about retail sales and owning a business.  I read an article recently that said to follow the trends on the internet.  Search and find the most popular words that people are using in their searches.  Then, use one or more of those words in your tags so that when people search that word, your site pops up.  Turns out that the word "sex" is the most searched for word on the internet -- at least, when I was looking it was.  Hmmm, how to incorporate the word "sex" into Cajun Stitchery.  Now, I love embroidering beautiful designs and we will embroider on just about anything that can be embroidered upon but sex is not a word that I would use to describe Cajun Stitchery.  Beautiful, fine, heirloom, fun, quality, are some words that would denote Cajun Stitchery to me.  Anyway, I was at a women's business luncheon last Friday and we were discussing how the word "sex" could be used for Cajun Stitchery.  There were a lot of funny comments.  Later that day I was reading another article about now is the time to sell Father's Day gifts and the article said one of your tags could be "unisex."  Ah ha, that's how we are going to get "sex" in there.  And that is how I tagged my item on Etsy -- unisex.

When I meet people and friends face-to-face, I never have a hard time selling my wares.  In fact, I never need to sell anything.  I simply show what I've done and the sales fall in line.  We do some pretty cool stuff over here.  But how to sell online?  That's what I'm trying to learn.  To have something that looks professionally made, professionally done, with a price that not too low and not too high.  One thing is that the pictures need to be good.  I'm learning not to just put the item on a table and take some pictures of it.  Instead, I need to drape a solid colored cloth and then put the item, standing up, if possible, on the fabric, and then take the picture.  And I need to take at least 5 good, clear pictures of each item, from all angles, including close up for details.  Luckily, my little digital camera can take some nice quality photographs.  It's the photographer who has the problem, not the camera. 

Another thing is content.  What do I say about the product?  I give dimensions.  State the materials used to create the item.  But what do you say that entices someone you don't know to purchase this item, rather than the millions and billions of other items on the market?  Again, I'm trying to learn this.  I know that you refrain from using I, me, mine, my and instead, use you, your, your's.  Does the product have a  purpose?  Describe the purpose and any way you can think to use the item in a practical manner.  Is the product unique?  Is it eco-friendly?  Describe the uniqueness of the item and how that would benefit the buyer.

It goes without saying that service is the key element, but to get the people to that point, even just inquiring, is what I'm working on right now.  You have to work the shop.  Always changing things.  Always putting new things out, while being careful not to flood the market.  One new thing a day is fine.  What I do know is that there are no plateaus in life.  You are either going uphill or downhill.  If you feel you are on a plateau, then you are headed downhill.  A friend of mine told me that years ago.

Well, I've carried on about sales probably more than I should have.  I do hope you like the new Etsy photos and the way I've changed the blog around.

I better get back to work.  We have ballcaps to embroider.  I have a special cell phone holder order to make and three sets of pillowcases to embroider. 

C'est tout mes amis.

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