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Cajun Corner - Vol. 2, No. 30

Cajun Corner – Vol. 2, No. 30 – august 7, 2010

Bon Jour! Welcome to Cajun Stitchery’s weekly email and welcome to our family.


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You learn something new everyday. This week we learned that embroidery on caps and visors are 2 different things. But we have been embroidering on caps and visors without problems, you may say. That’s true, but we have only been embroidering names on visors. The Splash party design is much more than a name. Suffice it to say that the maximum for a cap is 2 inches tall and for a visor it is 1 inch tall. Yep, that means 2 different designs. Then, of course, you run into the issue of smallness. Technically, we can embroider letters, or anything, for that matter, as small as you want. There comes a point where it just doesn’t look good and it doesn’t look crisp. And so our week has gone working on visors and caps, perfecting the designs. The visors came in on Monday and we are now starting to stitch out the final product.

Of course, caps and visors are not all we did this week. There were several other projects, too.

The young lady from Illinois received the handkerchiefs and the little hand towel. She emailed me that she was so surprised to receive the hand towel and loves the handkerchiefs. She said that she can’t wait for her wedding day so that she can give these gifts.

The duffle bags were finished but have not been picked up yet.

We also did several hand towels and some pillow cases this week. We had another sale on Etsy. It’s been a very busy week.

I still haven’t had a chance to put anything new on Etsy. Every time I start to work on something for Etsy, I have to go to something else. I need more hours in the day.

Oh, and I have spent plenty of time on the phone and online with my two granddaughters this week. One had a birthday on Monday and today is the other’s birthday. They are growing up so fast.

We have never been successful with growing vegetables in the cucurbit family: cucumbers, squash, melons, etc. There is a fungus in the soil in this area apparently that prevents those things from growing well. This week we were pleasantly surprised to find a cucumber in the garden. That was the best cucumber.

We have a couple of cherry tomato plants that just didn’t do well this year. We thought about pulling them up and putting them in the compost but I decided to try and nurture them. I’ve been putting coffee grounds around the base of the plant. The coffee grounds come from my countertop mini compost bin that collects the kitchen scraps. I separate everything from the coffee grounds and then put the coffee grounds around the tomato plants. Today it looks like some beans have sprouted. Guess I didn’t remove everything from the coffee grounds.

We planted marigolds and sunflowers in the vegetable garden at the end of spring so we wouldn’t be looking at bare dirt during the summer. We knew it was the wrong time to plant but green is better than brown. The plants have flourished but no flowers. We didn’t expect any. However, this week we have one marigold flower and several sun flowers.

Tomorrow morning I’m leaving for a weekend with the girls. It’s a pool party and I know we are going to have a blast. I’m really looking forward to it.

Christmas is coming and customers are starting to do their Christmas shopping at Cajun Stitchery. Get this out of the way as soon as you can.

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Boudreaux won $10 million in the Louisiana lottery last week. Bright and early the next morning, he got in his Country Cadillac, and drove all the way to Baton Rouge to collect his money. When he walked in, he told the lottery man, "Hey, I'm Boudreaux, the lottery winner, and I'm here to collect my money!"

The lottery man said, "Well, Mr. Boudreaux, it doesn't work like that. You can't have the whole amount at one time, but we will pay you half a million a year for the next twenty years."

Boudreaux, upset, told the man, "Mais, no, sha, I won the lottery and I want all my money right now. I don' want to wait for twenty years to get it !"

The man tried to calm Boudreaux down, telling him that's how the lottery works.

Boudreaux, really angry now, said, "Mais, if dats de way y'all wanta be, jus' never mind! Here's your damn ticket --- gimme my dollar back!"


French phrase of the week: J'aime pas la manière qu'il me regarde. (I don't like the way he looks at me.)



Eyestrain isn't as serious as some eye problems, but it can certainly make the niceties of life-reading a favorite book, focusing on hobbies like needlepoint, enjoying a candlelit dinner-more problematic. Here are some strategies for taking the strain out of your eyes.

• Pinch the ends of your index and middle (second and third) fingers of each hand for 30 seconds on each finger. If your eyestrain isn't relieved after two minutes, do another round of pinching.

• Sunflower seeds contain vitamins, iron and calcium that may be extremely beneficial for eyes. Eat about ½ cup of unprocessed (unsalted) shelled seeds every day.

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SALE OF THE WEEK (Good through Thursday, August 12, 2010)

This week’s sale is a bit different. Last year, about this time, we found some really cute bags that we sold for $5 with a first name or initials embroidered on it. This year we have found some other cute bags. We only have 10 of them. First come, first served. $5 each with a first name or initials embroidered.

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