Monday, August 30, 2010

Evie is Alive and Well

George told me last night that it looks like the next time we will see the sun will be Thursday.  Man, it is rained a lot.  I do love a rainy day and I'm grateful that the temperatures are cooler with the rain, but that's a lot of water.  We certainly are not suffering from a drought here.  Thinking on the bright side, the garden looks lush.  The cherry tomato plants has little tomatoes on it and I am hoping they ripen.

This past weekend my dog, Evie, was sick as a dog.  It started on Friday when she up-chucked until there was nothing left in her little body, and then she kept vomiting up bile.  By Saturday she was exhausted.  I was mainly concerned about keeping her hydrated.  When she would get to the water bowl, she would down the whole thing. By Saturday afternoon, she stopped throwing up the water.  Then she slept.  Her nose and paw pads were very warm.  I tried feeding her boiled rice and chicken without salt or spices, but she would refuse all food.  George and I took shifts sleeping this weekend so that one of us would be with her at all times.  Yesterday, her tail perked up a few times at first.  Then she began eating a bit -- not the rice, though.  Then a bit more.  By dinner, she was begging at the table and she was almost back to normal.  She's fine this morning.  Still isn't eating a lot, but she is coming around.  The weekend before she got sick, too; but not to this extent.  All I can think of is that she got into the mushrooms that have grown all over the yard since the rains began.

There is humor in everything, if you look for it.  I'm always teasing about how I can't/don't cook well.  Even when Evie started eating again, she still refused the rice and chicken that I made for her.  George and I were laughing that even the dog won't eat my food.

A beautiful new scarf was listed on Etsy last night.  In my endeavor to use all of my fabric and notions, I found a pack of pink sequin and pearl butterfly patches.  The ends of the long scarf are embroidered in a design that resembles a ribbon.  Above the ribbon, on each end, are 3 of the butterflies.  It really turned out pretty and blingy.  I listed it late, around 10 p.m., but still had several visitors by this morning.  That's a good sign.  Maybe I'll actually sell one of the scarves.

I've been working hard on those new cell phone pouches, kind of working like an assembly line.  There are 20+ pouches.  I did the handwork while I was sitting with Evie this weekend.  Last night I did the embroidery.  Hopefully, today I'll do the assembly.  It was cute because I brought up a box of scraps from the embroidery room, downstairs.  I put the box on the floor and when I turned around, voila, we had kitty in the box.  The little black manx, Polly, loves to get in that box and even as I'm going through the scraps, she will remain sleeping.  At one point, I covered her up in scraps.  She didn't mind.  So, I took a picture.  Too cute.  When Polly gets out of the box, the yellow and white cat, Tigger, jumps in.  He's much bigger but manages to curl himself up on the scrap fabric.  Now I need to use all of those scraps in projects.  Hmmmm.

I need to get back to work on the pouches.  Have a great day.

C'est tout, mes amis.

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