Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Geaux Saints

We picked up a few $5 DVDs from Wal-Mart the other day and had movie night.  One of the movies was Miss Congeniality.  I had not seen that movie before but heard great reviews.  My review of the movie is that we were rolling on the floor in laughter.  Sandra Bullock is a real hotty, for sure. 

I've been working on the Etsy store this week.  The three pink handkerchiefs have been listed.  I need to list something tomorrow but not sure what it will be at this time.  Going through a bunch of project ideas, I came across the luggage tags.  I made a couple.  They were cute and easy to make.  I posted pictures on Facebook and people actually commented that they like them.  Well, what kind of price tag should I put on them?  I initially put $5, personalized $10.  George said that was way too high.  So, we did some research.  OMG, luggage tags are expensive, especially embroidered ones.  I sticking with the $5, personalized $10.  They really are a good idea because so many people travel, especially by plane, and luggage gets lost.  That's not the only use, though.  You could wear them on a lanyard if you needed your name shown, or on your purse, or at school on your backpack, or brief case.  Ever think about putting a name tag on your bicycle, baby stroller, or dog crate?  We could even make smaller ones for your dog's collar.  I may put some on Etsy. 

We had an order for a set of pillowcases with LU in script in the middle and a large fleur de lis on either side.  These turned out beautifully.  When I posted the photos on Facebook, I was asked how much they are.  They are $35 for a set.  I cannot do NFL team logos or any other licensed logo.  Fleur de lis are not a logo.  I was asked to do a set with the Denver Broncos -- I cannot do that.  What I can do is embroider horse designs.  Get the picture:>)

I was going through some of my patterns and came across my pattern for ladies gloves.  I used to love to make gloves.  So, I've started making a pair.  Glove making takes awhile and has a lot of hand stitching involed and little, teeny tiny pieces.  When I'm finished, I post a photograph -- if they look good.

Saturday is the big Splash party and we have been gearing up all week.  Meeting tomorrow.

C'est tout, mes amis.

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