Monday, August 16, 2010

Hankies and Luggage Tags

We had a fabulous anniversary weekend.  On Saturday we visited the NAS museum and saw the IMAX movie "Hubble".  Awesome!  Just Awesome!  We enjoyed drinks and music with friends Saturday evening.  George got some gorgeous picture frames and framed our picture from the Krewe of Wrecks Ball this year.  Then he framed the lyrics to one of our songs, "Through The Years."  Oh yes, he also got me 2 dozen red roses.  He's a real keeper for sure.

We are gearing up to the Splash Party this coming Saturday, August 21st, beginning at 3 p.m. at Paradise Bar & Grill on Pensacola Beach.  I will be selling the caps and visors and tickets for all of the games.  Bring the kids.  This is a family affair.  Come on out and enjoy the fun, but don't forget to bring your water gun.  We will all have our super soakers locked and loaded.  Remember:  Love It Local.

Now back to embroidery.  We haven't just been twiddling our thumbs over here.  I plan on spending a lot of this week getting the Etsy store stocked with some new, creative items.  You aren't going to want to miss it.  I've decided that the handkerchiefs should have a little bit of beading on them.  Not a lot.  I don't want anyone to scratch their face when drying the tears or wiping the nose, but just enough to give it some bling.  I've made 3 new handkerchiefs so far with the beading.  Hope everyone likes it.

I was looking at some projects online at Joann's and came across luggage tags.  They are simple as pie.  Mama used to love to travel.  Since my daddy retired from the airlines, she had a lifetime pass with the airlines and used it often.  She always put a colorful ribbon tied around the handle to her luggage.   That way when her luggage was moving around the conveyor belt, she knew immediately which item was her's.  I think Mama started this and now I notice many people do it.  With everyone having various luggage tags, it is important that your's is unique and contains your name.  The one's I've made have slight variations from the one at Joann's projects.  For instance, the project had a cloth back and plastic front.  I wanted something sturdier and so we have the vinyl wrapped 1 1/2 times  This way the embroidery is 100% enclosed and there is a place to slip your business card or name card.  The ribbons are a means of tying the tag to the luggage.

Several ideas come to mind when I think of these luggage tags, especially for kids at school.  Hang one around your backpack or notebook.  We certainly do patches that can be placed in books or adhered to most any item.

If you are like me, you don't like to give a lot of cards.  I would prefer sending birthday or holiday wishes and greeting via the internet.  The problem with that is when people go to open their present, it doesn't say who it's from.  By using the luggage tag, you can slip a piece of paper with to and from on it, plus you are giving an extra gift.  It would make a very unique gift tag that can be used repeatedly.

If you would like one of these luggage tags, I'll be glad to embroider your first name or initials in the color of your choice, tag and embroidery for $10.00.  The luggage tag alone sells for $5.00.  I like these so much that we will probably be selling them at the Arts & Wine Festival on the Beach in October.

Gotta get back to work now.  Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile.

C'est tout, mes amis.

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