Monday, August 2, 2010

What a Weekend This Was!

This was a very interesting weekend.  Cajun Stitchery was closed on Friday because of the Krewe of Nereid's photo shoot at Paradise Inn.  The photo shoot was to advertise the upcoming Mystic Krewe of Nereid's SPLASH party at Paradise Bar & Grill on August 21st beginning at 3 p.m.  The ball caps, visors and ponytail caps that George has been embroidering will be sold at this event.  Some of the profit is going to local charities for victims of the Deepwater Horizon calamity.  If you are in the area on August 21st please stop by and help out.  There will be fun and games and lots of raffles.  Besides it's right on the Sound. 

Anyway, the photo shoot was hilarious.  Our Queen was standing on a ladder in 7 feet of water dressed in her beautiful Ariel gown, crown and all.  The gown kept floating up and she was trying to get it to sink a bit so the photos wouldn't be too sexy.  The rest of us were in an assortment of costumes behind our Queen on the edge of the pool.  I'm the one in the yellow rain hat with the umbrella.  The photos and articles will be in the upcoming issue of the Island Times.  Definitely don't miss this one.

It was so hot that day that I volunteered to jump in the pool to retrieve the ladder, which I did.  We then went to the bar and had a few drinks and merriment.  We entertained the patrons and sang several song and toasts.  One of our girls introduced me to a drink that tasted like key lime pie.  Suffice it to say that George had to come get me.  I didn't need to be driving.  We returned and retrieved my car the following day.

The remainder of the weekend was spent at home.  It was nice and relaxing.  One of our neighbors, Katie, stopped by for a delightful visit.  Another neighbor's elderly mother moved back in with them.  There was some time spent piddling in the garden and planning our fall garden.  It's just been too hot to do anything outside during the middle of the day.  And it will be that way throughout August.  But in the early mornings or late afternoons, it isn't too bad out there.

We received a phone call from George's best friend and found out that he is scheduled for surgery on August 11th.  The surgery sounds very invasive.  The surgeon is going into his stomach to remove some large polyps, then removing part of his large intestine and then reconnecting the intestines to the stomach.  They will send the samples to the lab to determine if he has cancer.  Apparently, there is no way to do a needle biopsy for this.  The sad thing is that this is the type of cancer from which his father died.  So, any prayers would be appreciated.  He is only 41 years old and has not celebrated his first wedding anniversary, yet.  That comes in a few months.

That call was very sad.  I was already in the process of making a pink ribbon scarf for my other friend who has breast cancer, although her prognosis is much better than the stomach cancer.  What an insidious disease! 

The scarf is turning out beautiful.  The fabric is a light pink sheer with numerous small embroidered pink ribbons and pink mermaids.  She is a member of the Krewe of Nereids.  The only thing remaining is to finish the edges.  I have stared at this scarf for awhile trying to figure out something really neat to finish the edges, rather than just a plain serged edge.  Although I do like the serged rolled hem.  I'll work on that in my spare time today.

In the process of making the pink ribbon scarf, I was trying out some designs for the edges and, although it cannot be used on the pink ribbon scarf, I found a beautiful design that I'm incorporating into another pink scarf that I plan to sell on Etsy. 

We finished the 2 duffel bags for Matt and Moe and they should be picking them up sometime this week.  I sure hope they like them.

Today we will fill an order for golf towels and pillow cases.  The pink visors should arrive today as well and George can get to work on those.

It's going to be a busy day, so I better get going. 

Have a wonderful day and week.

C'est tout mes amis.

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