Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Banners, Pillows and COLORS

George has been working on our banners for out tent at the Arts & Wine Festival.  You may recall that last year we took photos and later realized there wasn't one thing that said we were Cajun Stitchery.  Ahhh, learning experiences are so much fun.  Ha!  We will have two 10 foot embroidered banners saying "Cajun Stitchery" on the 2 sides of the tent.  Inside will be the Cajun Stitchery pillows hanging from the back.  "Cajun Stitchery pillows?" you might ask.  Yes, that has been my project.  I have made little pillows for each letter of C-a-j-u-n-S-t-i-t-c-h-e-r-y.  Each letter is about a foot square, I guess.  They have D rings in the top and we plan on suspending them from the back of the tent.  If that isn't enough, this year we are bringing our CD player and playing cajun music.  That is all in addition to the Cajun Stitchery aprons we wore last year.  See.  We can learn.

When I finally got to the machine yesterday, I stitched out some Who Dat luggage tags that we plan to sell at the festival.  I have a few more cell phone pouches to make but that should do it for the cell phone pouches.  Then we are all into luggage tags.  There will be several designs but I do plan on having several Who Dat tags, gator tags, and possibly some Vietnam Vet tags.  Then I need to make the bottle aprons.

George has some more ballcaps to embroider.

All of that is on top of and keeping up with our day-to-day orders and trying to stay on top of the Etsy store.  Yes, it's a lot of work but we love working together and we love what we are doing.  We really can be quite creative, given the chance. lol

While I was waiting on the machine yesterday, I was piddling on the sewing machine and made some, shall we say, unusual handkerchiefs.  Two of them have been listed on Etsy.  I plan on listing the last one later today. 

I'll be leaving early this evening, actually late afternoon, to attend COLORS at the Grand Marlin.  COLORS stands for something that I never remember.  It really is just an excuse for the beach people and friends to get together once a month at different bars and restaurants on the beach. 

After COLORS we are going to our usual Wednesday night girls dinner.  Tonight is one of the girls birthdays.  I am so excited because I can finally give her the pillowcases that I made for her and then, later, show pictures of them on the internet.  When I embroider for gifts, I am free to go all out and not be constrained by the price of the stitches.  George and I worked it out and the embroidery alone on these pillowcases would be over $88.  They are unique and beautiful.  That leave one more set of pillowcases that I haven't been able to share over the internet and those should be delivered next week.

Stay tuned.
C'est tout, mes amis.

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  1. This Patches work are really up to the mark....the color tone and the way of presentation is wonderful......