Monday, September 27, 2010

Countdown to Pensacola Beach's 3rd Annual Arts & Wine Festival

Blogger is having issues lately.  I've been trying to post all day but kept getting an Error.  I went to their help site and found lots of people are having the same issues.  At least I'm not alone.  I have some wonderful photographs to share with you but blogger's issues are preventing me from uploading the photos.  Sorry.

I have been digitizing all weekend.  This house is starting to look like Santa's workshop and very messy.  We are counting down to this coming weekend and the Arts & Wine Festival on Pensacola Beach. 

Today I decided to start washing and drying some of the new bath towels and tea towels.  Ever since I got that shipping receipt with the bath towels that said the towels were commercially vacuum packed for shipping and I should wash and dry to re-fluff, I've been thinking about laundering the linens before we embroider.  I read an article sometime ago that said if the item is going to shrink, then wash and dry prior to embroidering because when the fabric shrinks and the embroidery will not shrink, this will cause puckering around the design.  This is not done with t-shirts or apparel.  When I did wash and dry the first bath towel, it did shrink.  I try to get all of the linen in 100% cotton, so you would assume it is going to have some shrinkage.  Today I laundered all of the bath towels and some of the tea towels.  I just used water, no detergent at all.  The tea towels did not shrink at all.  I will not be laundering the tea towels but I will the bath towels.  I'm going to do the same test with the pillowcases.  If they shrink, then from here on out, they will be laundered before applying the embroider.

This morning George was working on embroidering Christmas designs onto some red and green tea towels for sale this weekend.  OMG!  They are so cute.  This is what I was digitizing this weekend and they really turned out adorable.  I also washed, dried and ironed them to make sure there was no puckering.  One of the Christmas Seahorses absent-mindedly was embroidered backwards.  I kept that one for me.  It's beautiful but the seahorse is placed upside down.  I just folded it and layed it rightside up on the bathroom counter.  That's good enough for me.

George is always creating new ideas and designs for his caps and visors.  I can't wait for everyone to see these at the festival. 

Oh yes, we did some of the little gift bags.  We only have 3 left.  $5 each with a name embroidered.

Got to get back to our embroidery. 

Have a wonderful week:>)

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