Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Laugh Is A Smile That Bursts

I found this smile quote and just love it.  Well, I love to laugh, so, of course, I would love it. 

We are counting down for the Arts & Wine Festival.  There is so much activity in this house and the more we do; the more ideas we get.  The new style cell phone holders are a real hit.  I'm making a bunch of them.  Who would have thought that putting a gold fleur de lis on black fabric would be so popular?  Can you tell that I don't keep up with football.  Even my son has ordered a cell phone pouch with a gator on it.  I need to get that in the mail to him.  If you want one, just let me know.  They are $10 apiece, plus tax and/or shipping.  Make sure you let me know the colors because I am ignorant when it comes to football.

It's not really that I don't know anything about football.  After all, I raised 2 boys who were active in all kinds of sports and loved watching football on television.  Not to mention that my father-in-law loves football.  But George and I have never been the avid fans, like so many people are.  I enjoy a group get together to watch a football game.  But just sitting by yourself watching the game is not fun for me.  It's a team sport and I think it should be a team spectator sport, as well.

Then there are the pillowcases.  I'm working on some lovely pillowcases for a customer.  They are for Christmas.  I love working with this particular customer because she has an inate sense of color.  And I am all about color.  I've mentioned more than once that my sister had a gift of style.  She really did.  There are people who are gifted in these areas and don't think a thing about it.  I think these are fabulous gifts.  Always knowing the perfect color combinations or the perfect gift or accessory.  Hey, to me that's important:>)

In fact, a few weeks ago I ordered a lot of thread colors that I needed.  You know, I talk with customers and friends and they tell me I want this color or that color.  I have a good array of colors but there's always that one shade or color that I don't have.  I make a list and when I order we get everything.  The embroidery room now looks like a color wheel.  George and I wonder if we will ever use that much thread.  Our spools of thread come in 5,000 yard spools.  They are very big. 

Speaking of pillowcases, all of my fall birthdays are here.  I want so bad to show photos of the latest pillowcases that I've done for the girls but I cannot do so until I've given the gift.  Most of those girls have computers and I want my present to be a surprise.  They certainly will be for the fall birthdays because I had a burst of creativity and...well... you will just have to wait and see them later.

There is a Simplicity pattern that I have seen around for years.  It is simply the alphabet.  I never purchased the pattern because, I thought, I can always create a pattern of the alphabet.  Perhaps I could, but I did break down and purchase the pattern.  They are approximately 12" pillows.  My goal is to create 12" pillows reading "Cajun Stitchery."  Well, you know my goal of using all of my fabric and notions before October?  These pillows are helping use the scraps because that is what I'm stuffing them with.  So far I only have the C and S done.

OMG!  I received an email this morning from my cap wholesaler and guess what sale they are running in September?  Pink caps and visors.  I could have used that last month.  I have to purchase them by the dozen, but if anyone wants a dozen pink caps or visors, now is the time to purchase them.  I can sell them to you for $5 each, as long as you purchase a dozen.

Sure hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend.  Aside from getting rearended at the toll booth into Pensacola Beach on Saturday night, we had a relaxing weekend.  The neighborhood gathered for dinner on Labor Day and that is always fun.

C'est tout, mes amis!

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