Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday is Laundry Day

Two more weeks until the Arts & Wine Festival.  I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago about the Festival's logo.  At that time, I hadn't seen it.  In jest, I came up with Cajun Stitchery's version of the logo.  So, what do you think?  I like it.

The Junkanoos are back.  This order came in from one of my Junkanoo friends.  She has wanted shirts with the Junkanoo logo for awhile.  She finally brought me a shirt.  We changed thing around a bit. Took off the green and purple background, used a different font, put the krewe name at the bottom, and the member's name was placed at the top.  I like it. 

George asked me last night when was I going to embroider a pillowcase with "Hers" on it to match "His"?  I told him probably the next time I do laundry and find an unembroidered pillowcase.  Monday is laundry day.  I guess today is that day.

A request came in from a friend recently.  She is interested in neck wallets.  Neck wallets?  I had never heard of such a thing.  I haven't taken the picture yet but I have made one.  First, I had to do a bit of research on the internet to find out what they were.  Basically, they are simply a pouch that hangs around your neck like a name tag on a lanyard.  My friend works on the beach cleaning up any oil and observing the wildlife.  She works at night and would rather have her cell phone around her neck.  You can have just about anything you want in a neck wallet.  You can carry your phone, notepad, pencil, money, ID, credit cards, or whatever.  My friend just wants it to hang around her neck, but some people use them to put under their shirts for safety reasons.  Kind of like the old money pouch in the bra thing.  Pouches of any kind are pretty simple to make.  The one I made last night has a 4"x5" pouch, then a 4"x3" pouch/pocket in front of that, then a 4" by 2" plastic sewn in for ID or whatever.  The flap is 4"x4" and folds over, only revealing the plastic pocket at the bottom.  The strap/lanyard is 32" long and rather than coming to a point and hooking on a single D ring, this strap is sewn into each side of the pouch, like a purse strap.  It is actually very cute.  The one I made is plaid (red, blue, black and white).

Now let me tell you a bit about the plastic.  On my neverending quest to reuse, recycle, and reduce, I realized that there is plastic in various colors, like Wal-Mart bags and then there is clear plastic, like dry cleaner bags.  I used a piece of dry cleaner bag -- clear plastic -- for the ID holder.  I'm not totally pleased with the look of the plastic but it has given rise to some ideas that I will hopefully be able to work on at a later date.  The plastic on the neck wallet opens at the top, 4" wide.  Over time, that may sag.  I'm thinking of framing it and then attaching the frame.  Wonder how that would work? 

I have this very delicate white veil kind of fabric.  I love it and it's so soft.  I took a couple of yards of this fabric and did a mountain of embroidery in black on it.  Ooooh la la!  It turned out to be a beautiful scarf.  I was practicing aligning repetitive designs in a straight line.  Both ends have the floral design with the lovebirds and the word "Amour" above.  The opposing sides have a floral design - my practice project - repeated over and over again.  The middle kind of looked empty to me, so I added butterflies.  The repetitive embroidery along the sides caused puckers which look like gathers.  I like of like it.  The puckers gives it texture and dimension.  Anyway, I ended up listing the scarf on Etsy last night.  We'll see if others like it, too.

I'm letting George sleep in this morning.  In the middle of the night, my dog, Evie, decided to start barking.  We were up.  She never barks at night and we were alarmed.  The best we can figure is that she was irritated with one of the cats.  I went directly back to sleep but George was up.

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