Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One New Drivers License, Please

Poo yie!  I received notification from the State of Florida that I need to renew my drivers license before my birthday this year.  That's not a problem but now they are requiring all kinds of documents proving who I am.  My original Social Security card is one item.  Luckily, I have that.  My government issued marriage certificate is another.  Hope I have that.  Plus 2 documents showing my residential address.  Hmmm.  The State of Florida mailed this to me at my residential address but they want proof that things are mailed here.  I think I'll take this notification as one of my 2 documents.  Then it says that I will have to take a vision exam and maybe a driving test and written test.  Of course, I'll comply with everything.  Guess this means that I need a new photo, too.  Perhaps I should dye my hair?

It has been arts and crafts all over this house lately.  We are getting ready for the Arts & Wine Festival on October 2 and 3 on Pensacola Beach.  I've been working on some new cell phone pouches.  I think they would make a cute Christmas gift/stocking stuffer.  Although they do take awhile to make, George insists that we sell them for $5 each.  This is going to be a real steal.  I'm using a variety of methods of finishing the edges and just having fun with them.  Of course, George will have his ballcaps for sale at $15 each.  There will be several other items, as well.

I'm getting ready to list another handkerchief on Etsy.  I love the fabric.  It's a woven, silky fabric.  Reminds me a bit of dupioni silk, although it is not.  Since I've been upstairs working on all of the arts and crafts, I used Doris to embroider this hanky.  I think it turned out very nice.

George is busy ordering seeds for the garden for the fall planting.  By the time they get here the garden should be tilled, composted and ready for a new season.  The bell peppers, tomatoes and beans are just going to stay where they are for now.  We do need to fertilize them.

Right now I'm toying with the idea of making wallets.  I read an article on it and some instructions.  It all reminded me that I have the pattern for a man's wallet.  I doubt I would even need a pattern because I have it all figured out in my head.  The problem is that my stuff tends to be very feminine and men probably wouldn't buy them.  Not sure women would, either.  Hmmm.  I'll have to think about this. 

Back to arts and crafts.

C'est toute, mes amis.

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